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The power of knowing your inner value & worth

This week began my 4 week journey with the lovely Carrie Klassen's Kind Business Course.  Right away she got to the good and juicy stuff:  value & worth.  I've been working with the idea of my own self-worth this whole year, starting with Angela Heather's Opening to Abundance Course.  It seems like a theme is forming around this year and my teachers.  They're telling me: I am worthy.

& it got me thinking.  I realized: I'm afraid to value myself.  I know that what I do in general is soft, intricate, intuitive work and that it resonates with people. 

But I tend to brush it aside sometimes. 

Do you do that?  I once heard a mother of three young children under the age of 4 say, "oh, well, I'm just a housewife, so..." JUST a housewife?  JUST a mother of three?  Just nurturing these three sweet babes, teaching them, feeding them, making sure they get rest and play, love and attention?  That is no small task.  Yet it seems so tempting to minimize the work that we do.  & by work, I don't mean your jobby-job.  You are more than your job, than your title.  I mean the work.  The inner work.  The getting through the day.  The acts of kindness.  The stuff we do because we love it.  The stuff we do because we need to.  Don't brush that aside, love.  Honor it.  Claim it.  Value it.

What good are you doing for yourself if you don't value all that makes you YOU?  Find joy in the energy you inhabit.  Find a sense of kindness for yourself.  Hold yourself dear.  Acknowledge your inner gifts.  Yes, you have these gifts, and they're beautiful.  Their value is infinite.  There is no price tag for that.

Give yourself permission to honor your inner value.

I am telling this to you as much as I am saying it to myself.

Say it with me:  I am worth it.  I am enough.  I am of infinite value.

& so it is.

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