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8 ways to work with your own energy

As an Intuitive  Energy Healer, I try to integrate the motto "healer heal thyself" into my daily practice.  Working with my own energy helps me to feel grounded, relaxed, and connected to my inner self.  When I work with my own energy, I can hear my intuition talking a little bit louder.  I feel more like myself.  The *true* me.

Sometimes working with my own energy means I give myself a Reiki session.  Sometimes, though, I choose to work with my energy in other ways.  I like to spice things up and the freedom of variety really jives with me.  There are a number of ways that I work with my energy that you can do too -- even if you're not a Reiki Master.

  1. Meditation - Meditation is a powerful and profound way to work with your own energy. By working with your breath, a mantra, or simply scanning the body you are able to access this beautiful still place within yourself. Sometimes I just sit. I feel like meditation helps me to connect to my inner energies and helps me to feel calm and relaxed.

  2. Yoga -What I really jive with about yoga is the movement or asana practice. The origin of the word Yoga goes back to the definition of "union" -- I see this as a union of breath with movement and of my outer self with my inner self. As a yoga teacher, I am able to connect emotional issues that I'm working with to postures that will help invite balance into the chakras associated with that issue. For example, if I'm feeling a little tender-hearted, I might work with a series of back-bends to open up my heart space. If I feel stuck for ideas, I might do a few inversions to get a different perspective. Yoga is excellent medicine and works with my energy system in deep ways.

  3. Visioning - Visioning can happen in a few ways for me. Sometimes I meditate. Sometimes I collage a vision board from magazine clippings. Other times I write out a little story about what I want to happen. This visioning can be done with any energetic issues I am working through.

  4. Self-Care & Self-Compassion - This is probably the easiest to do out of this list but might be the hardest to actually accomplish. It's really easy to put others before ourselves. But sometimes all our energy needs is a little bit of compassion. A way I like to employ this is to take a break. I'll make myself a cup of tea and sit outside or go for a long and lingering walk. This feels refreshing and super charges my energetic field. Another way I do this is with affirmations that I say to myself to show myself compassion and love. This might be "I am right where I need to be." or "I love you, dear liver. You are amazing and do so much work for me. I hear you and am listening." (Yes, I sometimes talk to my liver.)

  5. Crystals - Oh how I love crystals. However, you don't have to charge them in order to feel their energy. Just carrying a crystal, meditating with one, or keeping one near by can provide for soft shifts in your energy body. One of my favorites to work with is amethyst.

  6. Plants - A simple yet super effective way that I clear my energy from any negative influences is to burn plants such as rosemary or thyme and step into the smoke. Be sure to do this with care and ease and to smudge out the flame to prevent any fire or smoke mishaps. I like to also do this when I feel the need to protect my energy field. Learn about plants from your own lineage and background if you’re able to, and try to use local and non-endangered plants.

  7. Word Choice - Word choice is so important. This ties into the self compassion piece, but I thought it deserved its own category. The power of words has a drastic impact on your energy field.

  8. Prayer & Intention - Setting an intention to work with your energy is what actually makes it happen. I like to set an intention or say a prayer before I get on my yoga mat to practice or as I am sitting down to meditate, but you can do this at any time. Just setting the intention to heal, to feel better, and to meet goals really does move things forward in the right direction.

So tell me -- how do you work with your own energies?  Are there any methods here that you use on a daily basis?  Any that you want to give a try?  Let me know in the comments below.

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