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Ritual::Journaling with Spirit Guides

One of my favorite rituals lately has been working with my guides and highest self on a daily basis.

In my Intuitive Reiki Sessions, I can feel my guides with me very strongly, and a great deal of what I share with my clients is information that I have channelled.  Information that I would not normally be able to connect with flows from me effortlessly and quickly, usually right into my notebook (although, sometimes extra bits come in when I am typing up the actual reading).

I like to spend some time each morning visioning, meditating, and connecting with my spirit guides and my highest self.  This is a beautiful way to start off the day and it helps me to find clarity with things -- often unexpectedly.

Here's the thing:  you can work with your spirit guides and highest self, too.  It just takes a little bit of practice. 

(Teaser & Spoiler Alert -- I am working on a course that will help you to increase your Intuition, where we will go into this topic in lots more depth...stay tuned for the release of this awesome course!)

First, find a way to ground your energy.  You might want to sit in meditation, or imagine yourself connecting with the earth in some way. I like to imagine that I am a tree, and the higher I reach up into the sky, the deeper my roots dive into the earth.  You might have your own way of grounding that feels good for you. 

Next, I visualize an orb of white light surrounding me.  This orb protects me and ensures that I am receiving guidance that radiates of kindness and positive energy.

Then, I open up my journal and at the top of a page, I write a short little note to my guides and highest self.  It might read, "Hello Spirit Guides/Higher Self/Spirit/your wording of choice...I am open and listening."  Then, use a trusting process of free association and just write whatever comes to mind.  You might also want to write out a question about something specific..such as "What can I do this week to align with my divine path?" or "What insight do you have about my new job offer?"  The trick here is listening, writing, and trusting. 

Eventually, you will start to notice that you will be connecting to a source that is different from your own consciousness.  You will write down messages that are filled with love and light, and that show you things you wouldn't have ordinarily known.  You might start off visioning and day dreaming, but then dive into something that feels slightly different - something that is guided.

This is a great practice to deepen your spiritual connection and to flex your intuitive muscles.  If you commit to doing this ritual daily, you will definitely notice that it gets easier and easier. 

Have you tried this ritual?  I'd love to hear more about it in the comments.

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