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What I'm learning::Reflecting on the language of my body

This past week my body has been speaking to me.  Quite loudly, in fact.  I have been to the ER twice, the dentist once, and have also visited my doctor in the last 7 days.  Luckily, my symptoms are all minor in comparison to what they could be and have so far been diagnosed as a pretty big doctors, anyway.

So what have I been doing?  I've been listening.  I've been asking.  Because, my body and I have been together for over 31 years.  We are intimate with each other.  I know that if I ask and trust, she will speak to me.  She will let me know the origin story of her symptoms.

I got quiet.  I sat and meditated.  I asked.  & my body told me, over and over, these words: Align & Shift.

Align with my highest self.  Align with my full potential.  Align with my desires.  Shift towards honoring my value.  Shift towards my center.  Shift towards a state of gratitude. 

The message came in even louder when I read my horoscope from KV at Aquarius Nation.  As a Gemini, her horoscope for me could have been written *just* for me.  & you know what?  She says, "You are aligning with a new path expression because there is something with your mind that is shifting in serious ways, and by that I mean you are sending out a call that demands that things change."  Oh, and she also talks about value.  & dealing with health issues. 

So I'm seeing that as confirmation.

I'm seeing this as a wake up call to my truest self.  The part of me that needs to meditate more.  The part of me that is open to the fact that I do indeed serve as a channel sometimes. The part of me that works with spirit guides.  The part of me who values her work.  The part of me who is kind not only to others, but to herself too.  The part that needs to rest. 

I have the feeling that this will bring even more value to the work that I already do here.  Expect blog posts that are channeled.  Expect a course on connecting with your intuition.  An e-book on how to use Crystals for healing is already in the works.  I am so excited with how these subtle changes and integrations will be able to better serve you, dear reader.

Shift & Align.  I'm naming it.  I'm claiming it.

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