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Tarot Thursday::Daughter of Swords

A little secret that I'll share more about later:: Sometimes I channel these blog posts.  They start out as a journal entry with me, my moleskine, and my Staedtler pen.  Right now, I'm digging purple ink.  Then, it's as though something takes over.  A collaboration between myself and my spirit guides, between myself and my higher self.  I have been taking time to connect in this way more and more frequently and the results have forged a deeper connection to my intuition and my "withinness."

So on Wednesday I got out my journal (which is labelled "connect" and is waiting to be covered with magazine visioning) and my guides told me, "Explore the Daughter of Swords."

I took her out of my Tarot deck, that little owlet.

& then I started writing, connecting, streaming::

This daughter, she is the classic Gemini:: the one full of ideas and gifts.  She connects her thoughts quickly and executes ideas with swiftness & ease.

She's a messenger, darling.  A little like you.  She's got something to say, something to give, something to transform.  She wants to push the within outward. 

Here's what she has to say::

You've got the passion and the drive. Let energy flow.  Cut through your obstacles and move forward on your journey.  Share the directions, step by step.  Once you clear the terrain, others will follow.  You can make the path.  Lay the foundation.  Be the student and the teacher.

Manifest your ideas and dreams into reality. Push forward.  Speak. Write.  Act.  Harness the information necessary.

Find the truth of your inner self.  Your highest self, your inner nature & world. 

Can you shift your energy away from chaos and towards an organized way of ideas and notions?

Oh you learner.  You explorer,  You life-long navigator. 

You, the one who stares at maps.  The one who waits to dive deep within.  The one who always has questions, who starves for information.  Who constantly desires to learn.

You, the teacher.  Go on the journey so you can show the way.  Be the guide, the gentle hand on the shoulders, behind the heart space, a nurturer, a creator of sacred space.

This card is a beacon, a message.  The element of air is all around you.  All of that space for shifting and expanding into the ether.  There will be a way to make this all come forth.

This one is the student and the teacher.  She manifests her ideas and dreams into reality.

& so it is.

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