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Stone Saturday::Labradorite

Happy Full Moon (& Super Moon!) friends!  Tonight I will be cleansing all of my crystals that are ready to be Reiki-charged under the light of this sweet moon.  Will you be setting your crystals to bathe in the moon light?

Today, let's get to know Labradorite.  This stone is the guru stone on my mala and I can't tell you how strongly it resonates with me.  Working with Labradorite has helped me to have a stronger connection to my own intuition and my higher self. 

Labradorite is said to be associated with the Aurora Borealis and the Welsh goddess Arianrhod, who is associated with the moon and stars.  This stone is said to connect us to the soothing and intuitive energies of the moon and has a sense of magic about it.  This stone is fantastic to use for meditation, healing practices, or to connect with your higher self.

Labradorite is also a strong protector and is said to be able to shield you from negative energies.  It also kindles the imagination and allows you to bring your dreams into reality.

When I first started working with Reiki, I would wear this stone or carry it in my pocket.  It gave me confidence when working with energy healing and allowed me to explore my own personal way of working with Reiki.  That is how I developed my Intuitive Reiki Sessions -- playing with my creativity, knowing I was safe, and trusting my intuition.  I feel like the energy of this stone helped me to get there.  The energy of this stone feels like an old friend and reminds me of the Hermit Tarot card. 

Do you work with Labradorite?  What have you experienced with it?  I'd love to hear in the comments. 

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