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Ritual::How to make your own Crystal Grids (Sneak Peek of Energized::My Crystal Manual!)


Have you heard the news?  I have released a *FREE* full-length manual on crystals!  It's called Energized::Draw In Crystal Energy to Realign with your True Self.  This book is essentially a go-at-your-own-pace course, workbook, and activity book, all in one.  It will help you to find energetic balance, get crystal clear, and harness the energies of different stones and crystals.  If you are new to working with crystals or have a large collection of stones that you aren't sure how to use, this course is for you.

& to give you a little taste of Energized, below you'll find one of the 5 crystal grids that I have included in the e-book.  These are printable -- definitely something for the color ink in your printer.  Place your grid in a sacred space, with the stones that you choose on top.

Draw in Crystal Energy to Realign with your True Self

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Now, for the ritual::Making your own crystal grid

One of my favorite things to do is to make a crystal arrangement for a certain goal that I am working on.  This is easier to do if you have a collection of stones, but you can do this with as little as 3 or 4 stones.

I highly encourage you to get creative and make your own crystal layouts for your grid.  There is no wrong way to do this!

Here's how to make your own:

1.  Think about your intention.  Let's use the example of someone who wants guidance and clarity with finding a new job that will help her to line up with her life's purpose.  Yours can be more or less specific.  Meditate on it for a bit.

2.  Think about which chakra the intention pertains to. (Side note:: we dive into chakras and their corresponding crystals in the first chapter of the book - you'll be a pro in a snap!) Here we are working with the solar plexus (work) and crown (life purpose) chakras.  Ask yourself: what stones do you already have that resonate with these chakras?  Set them aside.  For this particular circumstance, you might set aside a Citrine (solar plexus) and a Clear Quartz (crown chakra).

3.  Break down the intention even more:  here we have the words guidance, clarity, job, align, life's purpose.  What stones bring out these qualities?  Set these crystals aside.  Examples for this situation would be Celestite (guidance), Fluorite (clarity), Red Jasper (job security/finances), Amethyst (align), and Garnet (life purpose).  (Side note:: There will be a glossary of over 50 intentions and their corresponding crystals in the second chapter of my e-book that will make this step easy-peasy!)

4.  Here's where you get to combine intuition with creativity.  Find a sacred and safe space for your grid.  Then, get arranging.  I like to place my biggest stone in the center of the formation and then create a North/South/East/West form with four medium stones.  Then, I fill in the gaps with smaller stones to form a circle around the center stone.

5. Bonus:: Place a letter of intention under your largest stone.  Putting things in writing adds to the power of your intention.

If you would like to have a grid to work with, enjoy the (free!) grid below.  Just right click, hit save, and print!  This is one of 5 grids I have included in the e-book.
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