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Tarot Thursday:: The High Priestess

Sometimes, I feel like I have a High Priestess within me.  She shines.  She knows.  She radiates wisdom in the most quiet and subtle ways.

I believe you have a High Priestess within you, too.

She speaks of alchemy, of bringing the unconscious forth into the light so that you can see it, examine it, and learn from it.  She's all about the wisdom, especially that which comes from intuition, from within.  She's familiar with shadow, with cycles, with mystery.

The High Priestess does this thing with me where she'll make herself very known for a while.  It usually happens when I'm doubting myself.  She'll appear in every reading I do for myself, she'll fall out of the deck while I'm shuffling, she'll show up elsewhere and say "hey.  I'm here."  She's like a good friend who checks in on you daily.  She's coming out of the shadows.

She's got a powerful message:  Trust your intuition.  Imagine the possibilities.  Know that you have such deep wisdom, already.  It's there, within.

She asks:  What secret messages do you have, inside?  What lies in the shadows? Which direction will you take?

She knows that you've known the answers, all along. 

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