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Stone Saturday:: Included Quartz (Another Energized Preview!)

Below is another excerpt of my up-and-coming book about crystals, Energized... This sneak peak is part of a section on connecting to your crystals and channelling messages from them.  In the book, you'll learn how to do this! Enjoy!

This may sound weird, but sometimes I feel like my crystals want to talk to
me.  As a channel, I have been experimenting a bit with opening up my
energy field and letting a crystal speak to me.  I have found that crystals have
some beautiful things to day.  You can channel a love not from your crystal
too. The trick is the have an open mind and to trust the process.

Here's what my Included Quartz has to say:

Oh, my little shaman, you shine so bright.  When we work together, we will
dig deep dive beneath the surface and find the light that resides within.  I am
your Hermit, your Hierophant, your jungle of the inner world.  Together, there
will be great growth and transformation.  Together, we will really see -- see
beyond the everyday perceptions into the mystical truth.  Tell me your desires
-- I will help you to visualize them and manifest.  Tell me what you wish to
heal, and I will gently alighn you towards your center.  Sit with me in
meditation and i will serve you best.  Place me on your crown chakra and I will
remind you of your winner divinity.  Remember -- we are all connected.


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