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Seven Ways to Connect to your Crystals

Over time, you will develop a connection to your stone.  You'll become intimate, exchange energies, and form a bond.  Here are seven ways to kindle that connection a bit more:

1.  Sleep with your stone.  Get dreamy with it.  That's about eight hours of cuddle time with your stone -- or more, if you like to sleep.

2.  Carry it with you.  Hold it, slip it into your pocket, your bag, or even your bra (sports bras work best for this!).

3.  Make your stone feel at home.  Create an altar for your stone.  Surround it with the good stuff -- sage, candles, mini statues and flowers.  Let it get cozy.

4.  Take it on a date.  My favorite place to spend time with my crystal is outside.  Connect to your crystal around other organic things.

5.  Get still.  Meditate with your crystal.  Relax your vibes and let it resonate with your energy.

6.  Get divinatory.  Do a Tarot reading around your stone.  Ask the Tarot what message the stone has for you and then pull a card or two.  Listen and be guided.

7.  Get in the flow.  I love to have a crystal with me when I practice yoga. Place yours at the top of your mat or at the back center to let it be your point of focus when you're in downward facing dog.

Tell do you connect to your crystals?


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