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Tarot Thursday:: 7 of Pentacles

When I shuffled the deck for today's card, the 7 of Pentacles fell out and let me know:  it was calling to me.  It had something to say.  My white howlite came to mind immediately and so they had to be together.  (White Howlite connects us to our higher selves and aligns us with the divine.  No big deal, you know.) They're currently hanging out, exchanging energies, on one of my altar spaces.

So, what does the 7 of Pentacles have to say?

It's time to step back and look at how things are piling up.  What's the pattern?  What's the story in how one event comes after the other?  There's a path that is forming from the work that you have been doing.  If you look behind you, you will see how far you've come.  If you look ahead of you, you can see the growth from the seeds you are planting today. 

Things are looking up.

Let's focus in and plan.  Let's work with effort and rigor and know that there will be a reward later on.  What is it that you desire?  What is it you wish to manifest? 

Here's the key:  you need some balance.  If you keep working without rest, things will topple over.  In yoga we speak of a balance of ease and effort when we are practicing postures - but that resonates outwards into everything that we do. How can you invite more ease into your life?  How can you be sure to make time for self care?  How can you say "no" when you need to?

&, how can you say "yes"?



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