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What the Tarot has to say about the month of September - A free reading for you

This September reading is inspired by a piece of what I do in my Life Path Readings - it's a three step action plan for how to harness the energies of the month and move forward towards your goals. 

The cards that showed themselves to me were Temperance, The Son (Knight) of Swords, and the Six of Pentacles.

Step one of our action plan is inspired by Temperance.  She's the angel of the deck, but she's still connected with fire.  The definition of temperance speaks of abstinence, moderation, and self-restraint.  I see this card as urging us to find balance this month.  A balance between ease and effort, full-throttle and rest.  Take some time now to reflect on how August has been for you.  What can you do this month (as in, schedule it!) to invite the polar opposite of that.  If you've been hosting lots of parties and taking care of all of the arrangements, take some time for self-care.  If you've been a bit lax and unmotivated, get your gears turning by heading to your favorite cafe and jotting down ideas that turn you on to help you move towards your goals.  Find the happy medium. 

This card also speaks of patience.  Truth be told, I am not a patient woman.  When I'm motivated, I like to get things done in the moment.  Patience is something I'm working on and with this card in the September reading, I'm guessing patience might be a necessity in helping us to meet our goals.  We might need to wait things out, or wait for the perfect moment.  You'll know when the time comes.  Don't force things to happen.

Step two of our action plan comes from the guidance of the Son of Swords.  Check out this fellow's eyes -- he's full of focus, determination, and eagerness.  That sword is typically used to swipe away mental obstacles.  What could you do if you cleared out all of that self-doubt and instead focused on your goals?  What could you do if you took a leap of courage?  What would happen if you transformed your inner desires into outward energy?  You'd soar, my dear, you'd soar, just like the owl in this card. 

Son of Swords echoes Temperance with a warning of balancing haste with patience.  In other words - yes, stay focused on your goals, but don't sacrifice quality for speed.

Step three of our plan is given to us by the Six of Pentacles.  This card speaks of a recent struggle.  Know that the hardship is in the past.  Things are blooming and growing now.  The seeds you have planted are springing forth with abundance and your desires. 

Again here the idea of balance is repeated:  This card speaks of both accepting help from others and offering help to those in need.  Do not give 100% of the time, and do not take 100% of the time.  Find the middle path.  If you have finally saved up to get a new item in your house, for example, take time to clear out what no longer serves you and donate it.  My mister and I actually just did this, I'm now realizing:  we donated a couple of trunk-fulls of items that we no longer needed to Goodwill, and also just bought a sweet & super affordable used car.  A clearing had to happen before the receiving.

So, I'm going to repeat the theme of this reading: Balance.  When you feel as though your scale is getting tipped too much to one side, pause and ask how you can come back into equilibrium.  That's where the magic happens.

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