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The healing power of being truly seen

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Have you ever been truly seen?  Has someone:  a lover, a friend, a stranger, a healer, a cashier, a child, a kitten, ever really seen you?  I don't mean just on a surface level.  I mean on a soul-level.  Has someone looked into the eye of your spirit, perhaps your third eye, and acknowledged what dwells within you?

Usually this seeing is paired with true listening and the generosity of true speech.

When this truth is expressed to you, it can be a transformational experience.  It can heal on many levels to realize the truth, to remember the truth, and to have your truth acknowledged by someone else.

When the opposite happens, when someone can't see beyond their pre-conceived ideas and notions, it's incredibly frustrating. 

I recently had both happen to me, being seen and being unseen, and the contrast made me pause and contemplate both instances.

When I am really seen, it feels like my inner light can shine a little bit brighter.

I've had the incredible feeling of being reminded of my truth twice this week.  I am so grateful for both of these instances.

The first was when I received my very own sweet birth chart book from KV of Aquarius Nation.  It's 100 pages of reminders about my true self.  Things that I knew once but forgot.  Things that I knew but were never said outright by anyone.  It is 100 pages of truth, of love, of light.  KV works some serious magic.  She is able to see me as teacher and healer.  As both, intertwined and inseparable, as my destiny.  She sees my tendency towards spiritual rebellion and towards exploring the healing powers of energy.  KV was able to look at my past, my present, and my future and show me how everything comes together.  This was the first huge gift that I received this week.

The second time I was gifted with truth was yesterday at an acupuncture appointment.  I have two acupuncturists that I love dearly.  When distinguishing between them, I call the one who I saw yesterday The Magician.  Because she is truly transformational.  I have known The Magician for a few years in different capacities.  She knows me as a teacher of all things from math to yoga to Reiki.  But somehow, she sees me more than most people.  She saw how I care and worry for the earth.  She saw the fear but also the determination.  She saw me as a Priestess.  Yes, a Priestess.  It's not every day that someone calls me that.  She saw me as not from this planet.  As a pure vessel.  As seer and a seeker and a soul full of mystery and light.  As cosmic.  As someone who is awakening.  As a wise woman.

Both times, I felt completely free of worry and fear.  I felt like things were going to be okay.  I felt like no matter what, I will get through this.

I have taken two more steps forward on my journey towards healing.  I am coming out of the fog.

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