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I am swimming in an ocean of healing::The Pices Full Moon

photo credit: Elena Kalis via photopin cc

This is hard for me to admit, but I'm very prone to fear and worry.  These emotions and brain patterns come easily to me.  Paired with an active imagination, I can get a little carried away.  My mind takes a seed of a fear, waters it, lights it up into focus, and it grows and grows and grows, like Jack's beanstalk.  To be honest:  it's not fun.

However, one of the gifts of my meditation practice has been learning to visualize the opposite of fear and using mantra to transform the fear into positive manifestation.  Sometimes, just the simple act of noticing my breath is all that it takes for the fear to slip away.

I remember first realizing the power of focusing on my breath.  I must have been 8 or 9.  I was in bed with a stomach ache.  I started to count my breath.  Inhale one, exhale two, inhale three, exhale four, and so on.  I made it to a hundred, without my mind straying off to one worry or another.  And I felt better.  I started to do this every time I had a stomach ache, and then every time I was worried or angry or scared. 

Breath is a powerful thing.

Lately I've been combining breath focus with the mantra of "I am swimming in an ocean of healing" and a visual of me being surrounded by healing waters.  The idea for this was planted into my head when I was at the beach earlier this month, but was further solidified by Vienda Maria's hypnosis mp3 (totally check it out - it's amazing).  When coincidences like that happen, I know I'm on the right track.

The Full Moon in Pisces is said to be a healing moon.  The astrological symbol for Pisces shows two fish: one swimming upwards and one swimming downwards.  In other words:  one rising up and one diving deep.  I am embodying both of those fish.  Rising up into health, diving deep into healing. 

To nurture my healing process, I am taking time for self-care.  Every morning and every night (and sometimes in between) I practice Reiki on myself.  I am finding balance between work and play, ease and effort.  I am gathering the support of others.  I carry my laser quartz with me.  I am making more frequent appointments with my acupuncturist, and my regular doctor too.  I am all about combining the east with the west.

So tell me:  what do you wish to heal in the light of this Full Moon?  Declare it.  Let it be known.  That's the first step.

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