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A personal creed

Photograph by Claire Houston

Photograph by Claire Houston

For the past month or so, a question has been guiding me into a state of contemplation during my meditation practice:

What do I believe?  

I feel it is liberating to dive deep into the soul and discover exactly what it is that holds true to you.  There is power in claiming your faith, magic in honoring your own inner belief system.  

Here is what I know to be true:

I believe in kindness.  I know that at the deepest level, our souls radiate with kindness and compassion.  It is our natural state of being.

I believe in love.  My heart beats to the rhythm of love, my pulse purrs poetry through my veins.  Love sings in harmony with kindness: they walk hand-in-hand together.

I believe in the power of silence.  In that space between the thought and between the breath, a door opens.  When we are silent, we can truly listen to the wisdom of the universe.

I also believe in the power of using one's own voice.  Words carry energy.  We need to speak, we need to be heard, we need to let our truth be known.  This is how healing can begin.

I know that the body carries its own language.  The body speaks through aches and pains, through muscle twitches and butterflies in the belly.  When we listen to our body and honor its knowledge, we can heal not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual level as well.

I believe in energy.  I can feel it.  It flows up and down my mid line.  It swirls in colorful wheels.  We can send and receive energy, there's an exchange that is possible when we are open to it.

I see deities, goddesses, saints, archetypes, and even Tarot cards as holding  certain energy. When I chant om gum ganapatyi namaha, I harness the obstacle-clearing energy of Ganesh. When I feel the presence of  Kwan Yin, I know my heart is opening up to compassion and healing.  When I meditate on the High Priestess, I become her on a spiritual level, and our energies mingle and dance.

I believe in my intuition.  I know it is there because it has never lead me astray.

I believe in the power of thought and intention.  Intention can turn a candle from mundane to sacred to romantic to a guiding light.  Thought can transform fear into love.  Our minds are powerful things.

I admire the Buddha, the bodhisattva, the witch, the medicine woman, the priestess, the shaman.  I see the light in them and I honor that same light that I carry within myself.

I know that I do not have all the answers...and I think that is the most beautiful thing.

Tell me: What do you believe?


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