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Thank you (& a bit of Tarot Goodness...)

Hey you,

{{A little thank you love note.}}


Every time I think about you being a part of my tribe, my heart buzzes. My energy soars.  My eyes light up, and tear up a little  bit, too.  And the biggest dorky grin forms on my face.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the Drawing Within community.  It means so much to have you here.

You inspire me to do the work that I do.  I look forward to the work that I do each morning because I’m so delighted to serve you... and people like you.

You’re the stars to my moon.  The crystal in my pocket.  The ginger in my kombucha.  I hope you enjoy the words that you'll find in this blog... they're just for you.

A new year/new cycle/new month reading

{{For this time when the veil is thin}}


Even though I pull cards for myself daily, today felt especially auspicious.  Perhaps it was because I was feeling especially charged...a little bit full of  mood...a little bit magical...a little bit witchy.  As I got dressed, I chose all black.  I let my hair down, uncombed and curly.  I adorned myself with crystals and mala beads.  I put a vial of black tourmaline in my bra, close to my heart.  This is  how I chose to commemorate the new year.  To honor my ancestors on this Dia de Los Muertos.  To honor myself.  

You see, every day is a journey.  Every month, every lunar cycle, every year, every breath, every heart beat.  I am feeling like especially now, a whole new journey is being shown to me.  I am unveiling it slowly, moment by moment.  As I walk forward,  my path is becoming more clear and illuminated.  I am able to see.  

This reading is for the journey.  For those feeling a little extra full of mood/water/emotion/heart chakra right now.  For those who are looking to embody their spiritual matter what that looks matter what others think.

To do this reading for yourself...

1.  Give yourself a little time and space.  Decide what that looks like for you.  Perhaps you light a candle or some sage.  Maybe you meditate for five minutes with a crystal in your hand.  Or chant for a bit.  There is no wrong way, here.

2.  Shuffle your tarot cards.  As you do this, focus your thoughts on this new cycle.  On your journey...where you have been, and where you want to go...and where you are now.  

3.  When the time feels right, pick your center card.  This is the card that represents you, on this journey, right now.

4.  Shuffle the deck a bit more, and then pick four more cards.  These cards are to surround the first card, in a cross pattern.  These are the cards that are here to surround you, protect you, and guide you forward.  When you look at the energies of these cards, know that this is the energy that is circling around you as you  move forward on your path.

5.  Shuffle the cards a little more, and then pick four final cards.  These cards are to be placed in the "corners" - and they are your influencers.  Your role models.  What you may strive towards on your journey.  They show you what is possible...they show you your potential.

6.  Sit with your cards.  Take a photo of them (if you post on social media, please tag me!  I'm @shedrawswithin on IG, if you don't follow me there already...).  Journal about them.  Keep them on your altar for a bit, perhaps.  Daily during the month, as you think about your goals, come back to these cards...come back to this energy.

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