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A reading for the month of July [and a little bit about an upcoming intuition course...]

This morning I woke up and spent some time relishing in the feeling of a new month.  July.  For me, July is a month of heat and energy.  Of long days and warm nights.  Of freedom.  Of feeling my way intuitively through things without as many "shoulds" or "musts." As a teacher, it's a month of self-directed focus away from more traditional subjects.  It's a month of Elle-time.

After spending some time in meditation, I pulled three cards for myself for the month of July.  But as I started to look into these cards (holy wow, all major arcana!) I felt as though these cards might resonate with you, too.

I see the first card as being an indicator of an action step you should take to move towards a goal this month. I see the second card as being an overall card for the energy of July. I see the third card as speaking directly to you with advice for this month.

Justice:: An action step: The Justice card here reminds me of balancing ease with effort, work with play, relaxation with focus.  Justice reminds me of the yogic principle of asteya, or non-stealing.  During the month of July, don't steal time or pleasure from yourself...but also don't steal focusing on your goals for a bit from yourself, either.  Be fair to yourself.  Make a two-column list for the month.  On the top of one column, write the word "FUN."  Make a list of 10 fun things you want to do this month, big or small.  In the next column, write "GOALS."  Make a list of 10 steps you can take this month to get you closer to a goal that feels a little bit more like "work" than "play."  Post this list in a a place where you can see it. Make sure that for every "goal" you check off, you do something from the "fun" list, too.

The World:: An overall card for July:  The World is a card of accomplishment and coming full circle.  Perhaps something is wrapping up for you this month...or perhaps something new is beginning.  When one chapter in life ends, another begins.  The World also reminds me of finding our place within the World.  It could be that your accomplishment from this month reminds you of your purpose on this World.  Take some time this month to ask yourself:  "What is my purpose in this World?  What am I here to do?" and also "What is something I can celebrate this month?"  Reflect on these questions and you may find that they are one in the same.

The Chariot:: Advice: When I hold the Chariot, I automatically feel full of energy and focus.  This is traditionally a card of victory.  When I saw this card in my reading, the word "confidence" came to mind.  This month, be confident.  Remind yourself that you ARE capable of accomplishing your goals.  You have an inner drive and focus within you.  Nobody else in the world can do what you do in the same way that you do it.  Look in the mirror and do a little celebration dance to boost your confidence.  Celebrate being alive, celebrate this spiritual journey...and celebrate the uniqueness of you.  Be boldly and unforgivably you.

In short:  This month, find a balance between work and play.  Find your place in the world, and celebrate your accomplishments.  Stay focused and confident...and you will continue to move forward towards your goals. 

Wisdom Within:  An 8-week course with Elle North

Activate your Third Eye Chakra in my upcoming e-course that will teach you to foster a deep connection with the voice of your intuition. Whether you see yourself as intuitive, or crave to hear your inner voice, this course is for you.

In this course, you will...
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+ practice playing with various intuitive tools
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+ protect yourself energetically
+ practice your skills with weekly exercises and prompts
+ become confident in your intuitive abilities with practice sessions within the group
all of this, and...
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More details to come as this month unfolds...this course will be released towards the end of July and will start in the beginning of August.                             


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