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What kind of Intuition do you have?

What type of Intuition (or "clair") do you have?

First, let's get clear on the clairs.

The root "clair" means "light" or "clear" in French.  We use this prefix to describe different ways that people are intuitive.  For example, to be "clairvoyant" means you are a clear-seer, or you see things that others cannot. We'll be focusing on the different types of intuition in my upcoming Wisdom Within Intuition School {early bird registration ends August 1st!}

Other examples of the clairs are:
+ Clairaudience:  clear hearing
+ Clairsentience:  clear feeling/senseing
+ Clairtangency:  clear touch
+ Claircognizance:  clear knowing
+ Clairgustance:  clear tasting
+ Clairalience:  clear smelling

So, if you're someone who is Clairgustant, you might get tastes in your mouth that give you intuitive nudges towards something.  You might be able to pick up an object that belongs to someone else and get a feel for his/her energy if you are Clairtangent.  I find myself to be mostly Claircognizant -- over time I learned to trust my deep inner knowing.  For me, my mind really is a way of sensing the world around me!

I've developed a little quiz for you to discover which Clair you learn towards the most, in this moment. This quiz is a sneak peek into part of Day 4 of The Wisdom Within Intuition School. I believe that you can develop other clairs as well.  The first step to developing your intuition is to honor your innate intuitive abilities.

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