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A matter of trust {{we begin in 2 days!}}

 Photos by the ah-mazing Danielle

Photos by the ah-mazing Danielle

It's a matter of trust, love.

What if you had complete trust and faith in your intuitive abilities?

What might shift or change in your life if you did? 

Here's what I believe::

When we trust our intuition, we give it the room to speak to us with more and more clarity and frequency.

When we trust our intuition, we are stepping into our role as intuitive souls.  We are claiming this part of our spiritual selves that often gets squashed down as the years go by.  Instead of squashing, we are listening.  We are raising it up. 

When we trust, the real magic happens.  We are able to fall into the depths of our eternal spirits and discover that there are things beyond the tangible and ordinary.  To trust our intuitions is to discover something extraordinary -- beyond the veil of consciousness and into the realm of the cosmic.

Here's a little story::

When I first started to work with distance Reiki clients, I started to receive intuitive messages in new and different ways than I had ever experienced before.

It startled me in such a way that I was afraid.  I was afraid of trusting the messages I was receiving because...what if I was wrong?  What if my clients thought I was crazy?  What if this was all in my head?  What if my clients thought I was making it up?

But then, one day, I leaned into that fear and trusted.  Like a trust fall, my clients were there to catch me and tell me "Oh my goodness, that resonated with me so much!" and "How did you know that?"

From that day forward, my intuitive abilities sky rocketed.  Instead of writing a paragraph or so for my distance Reiki clients like how I did in the very beginning, now 4-6 pages of intuitive information come forward when I write out my 30 and 60 minute healing sessions.

Trust is a powerful thing. 

Take some time today to dive into that trust.  To open it up.  It's a gift to you and to your Intuitive Self.  It's the turning point of this journey.

Are you ready to explore the depths of your intuitive trust?  Are you looking to deepen your intuition and take this next step in your spiritual journey?  Click here to learn about The Wisdom Within...we begin in just two days.

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