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My Intuitive Story {I wasn't always able to harness my intuition...}

I wasn't always able to harness my intuition...

About ten years ago I felt a call stirring from deep within.  A desire like no other.

"Listen to your intuition," a voice told me.

Yet I didn't know where to begin.  It felt confused and lost.  How could I listen to something I couldn't hear?  How could I see the unseen?  How could I connect to this part of me that felt so ... out there?  I wanted to give up, time and time again...but then the call kept getting louder and louder until I couldn't ignore it any longer.

You see, I believe I was born intuitive.  In fact, we all were.  I had my first intuitive moments before I could remember them.  My mother told me stories of how I saw faeries in the flowers...without ever being told that faeries existed (I called them "little people).  She told me of the time that a window pane almost slammed down on my hand, but I moved my hand out of the way seconds before the window came crashing down.  There was the time she drove me by a university, and I asked what it was.  She told me it was a school.  I told her I was going to go there with utmost certainty.  Without remembering (and without her telling me until after my decision -- she didn't want it to influence me), that's where I ended up studying for my degree.  The list goes on...

But then, around age 12, I had this month-long string of dreams where a small part of each of the dreams came true.  Silly little things, like who would be absent at school or what someone would say in a conversation.  But it freaked me out.  I had no idea what was happening.  I had nobody to guide me.  I was told that it was against my religion to be psychic. 

So I prayed away my intuition.

Every night, I'd pray not to have any more dreams that came true.  And I didn't. 

Around ten years later, I sat in my new apartment in my new town one rainy day and made a decision.  It was inevitable.  I needed to connect with my intuition.  I needed to begin this journey back to my Intuitive Self.

I believed my Intuitive Self was always there...she was just waiting for me.

I had to wake her up.  I had to build her trust again. I had to listen, hard.  I had to re-form my relationship with her.  I had to reach out to her, to ask her advice, to act on it, and to believe it.  I had to make that connection in a conscious way.

But how? 

I asked my Intuitive Self to show me the way.  I began to keep a journal and would make up little "quests" for myself to do each day.  I made time for my Intuitive Self, and through lots and lots of practice, I began to confidently know that I could connect with her at any time.

With time, I could hear my Intuitive Self, loud and clear.

& now, I still make time for my Intuitive Self.  I still nurture her.  I still have "quests" that I go on with her daily so that I can understand her more and more.

There's no limit to how intuitive you can be.

About a year ago, I had one of those divine inspiration moments::

I heard a call that I couldn't ignore.  I needed to create an intuition-building course.  To make a course I wish I had when I was just starting out with connecting with my intuition. To make a course I wish existed that I could deepen my connection even more.

After a year of processing, brain-storming, and learning, The Wisdom Within Intuition School is finally born.  I'm super excited about this course because::


  • It's in alignment with something I value in my daily life::my intuition
  • I've designed it to be a transformational, soul-searching, and fun experience
  • It feels like my magnum opus.  Seriously.  I've created a lot of courses about a wide variety of subjects, from Greek mythology to Tarot to yoga to this...and THIS is something that feels most true to my soul purpose.  I'm so so excited!

And those quests that I have been guided to do over the past ten years?  They're all a part of this course.

Psst...The early bird price for the course is still valid. 

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