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Something for the heart on this New Moon//Solar Eclipse

Hey there, magic maker.

On this day of the New Moon & Solar Eclipse, I wanted to share with you something special: One of my favorite mudras - the Courageous Heart Mudra.  I posted a photo of this mudra on my personal Facebook page and so many of my friends were interested in the mudra that I wanted to share it with you all as well.  

A mudra is a shape that one creates with the hands in order to manifest a certain feeling or invoke a state of consciousness.  It's akin to a yoga posture.  The most popular mudra is one that you might make all of the time without realizing it: Anjali Mudra is created simply by pressing the palms together in front of the heart space, often seen as a sign of gratitude.

With the Courageous Heart Mudra, the hands form circles, and at the same time, the fingers intertwine. The heart beats its healing song forward into the hands, into this mudra, this yoga pose for the fingers. 

When I need to heal my heart space, when I need to release or expand, when I need to listen to the song of my heart... I turn to this mudra.  

In the process of focusing on my heart and my fingers pressing together, my thoughts slip away.  I feel completely at peace.  I surrender to my emotions and let the energy from my hands radiate inwards to my heart in a gesture of acknowledgement and healing.  

When we take the time for ourselves to heal, to breathe, to surrender, to be...magic happens.

To make this mudra, on the right hand, bring the tip of your index finger and thumb to touch.  Do the same thing on your left hand.  Then, cross your wrists so that your right hand is closest to your heart.  Intertwine the pinky finger first, then the ring finger, then the middle finger.  Close your eyes, and breathe.

Are you looking for a little bit more about healing the heart?  I have a blog post here that includes a free guided meditation.  You may want to combine the meditation with this mudra...allow the expansion to accompany a release.  

I hope your New Moon is magical and full of new beginnings.

xo, Elle
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