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Your spirit is sacred

One idea I believe that I embody the sacred.  

I see my body as a sacred vessel that carries the essence of my spirit.

I know my spirit to be connected to the divine.

I honor this about myself, and honor this in others. 

Say it with me now:
I am a sacred being.

When I say "Namaste" to my yoga students, I truly mean its translation:  I see an honor the light, the holy, the sacred, within you.

This concept of discovering the sacred within you has come up a lot for me lately in the work that I do.

First, in my Lakshmi course (which is still open for registration, if you want to sneak in), today we are focusing on harnessing and recognizing the goddess within ourselves.

In various scriptures, it is said that every woman has Lakshmi within her.

The Sri Kamala Strotam states: 
Every woman is an embodiment of you {Lakshmi}

in another song for Lakshmi, the gods sing:
Every woman is an emanation of you {Lakshmi}

If I am an embodiment of Lakshmi, then I am an embodiment of a goddess, of a divine being.  If I am an emanation of Lakshmi, then I am an emanation of her abundance, of her beauty, of her connection to spirit.

She is me, and I am her.  You are Lakshmi, and she is within you.

Sit and think about that for a second.  What if you treated yourself like a goddess?  What if you saw yourself as being full of divine golden light?

Another aspect of my work where the inner sacred is showing up is with one of my Spiritual Mentoring clients.   Together, we have been talking about an aspect of the 8 limbs of yoga, called Svadhyaya.

This funny-looking word essentially means to study the self.  To study the self as if you were a sacred scripture.  To know yourself, because you are worth knowing.  

Pantanjali in his Yoga Sutras, asks us to: "Study thy self, discover the divine."

When we dive deep and understand ourselves on an energetic and spiritual level...we see the truth of the beauty within ourselves.  We being to realize that we are love.  We are light.

We see that we are of limitless value.

Dear one:  you are love.  you are light.  you are of infinite worth.

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