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5 Ways to work with a Tarot Card and its Energies

One of my the ways that I work with the Tarot is to spend some time (maybe a day, a week, a month, or a whole year) working closely with one particular card.  Right now, I am working very closely with the Empress, the Mother of Swords, and the Mother of Wands.  They are helping me to use  my voice, find the power within my femininity, and to access my inner fire.  In the past, I have worked with other cards as well, and they have helped me to grow in spiritual, emotional, and mental ways.

Do you desire to work with the energies of a particular tarot card?  Here are 5 ways that will help you to form a connection with your card.  Pick one, or do them all - it's up to you!

1.  Research.

When a Tarot card keeps coming up for me, or I feel especially drawn to its energies, I find out everything I can about it.  I might look for different interpretations of the card on Pinterest, read interpretations of the card from different Tarot readers online, and read as much as I can about the card in tarot books that I own.  For me, the more that I know about a card, its history, and its symbols, the more I can understand it.  When I truly understand a Tarot card on a deep level, I can contemplate how I can apply the lessons of the card to my life.

2.  Meditate.

When I am working with a card, one of the things that is most beneficial for my spiritual journey is to  meditate with it.  I might sit at my altar with the card in front of me, and allow the card to be my drishti, or point of focus for my eyes.  I might close my eyes, and go on a journey with the card.  I might have a conversation with the card in my mind's voice, or I might meet up with the character in the card in my mind's eye and learn all that I can from him or her.  Meditation allows me to alter my reality and form a bond with a card that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

3.  Integrate.

Integrating the energies of the Tarot card into my daily life is especially effective for harnessing its energies.  For example, I have been working closely with The Empress card lately, as I pulled it as one of my Cards of the Year in my Year Ahead Reading for 2016.  I have found myself asking "What would the Empress do?" in my daily life.  Harnessing her energies has helped me to stand up for myself in situations where I wasn't being listed to, and she has helped me to express some really difficult emotional hurts that I have been holding on to.  When I have felt frustrated or ungrounded, she has reminded me of the healing qualities of being outside.  You can do this with any card that speaks to you.

4.  Journal.

Writing about a subject always helps me to find a deeper understanding of it.  If you are working with the energies of a specific card, you may wish to commit to journaling around the card daily for a week or a month.   You may write about what your card looks like, what your card makes you feel, or what lessons the card might have for you.  As you write and contemplate, you may find that you make connections about your card and your life that you might not have otherwise recognized.

5.  Vision.

Making a vision board is a fantastic way to really think about the energies of a card in an out-of-the-box sort of way.  You may desire to take a collection of magazines and cut out anything that reminds you of your card, and paste your findings onto a piece of cardboard to place on your altar.  Or, you may prefer to create a board on Pinterest dedicated to your card.  Whenever you come across an image reminds you of the energies and qualities of your card, you can add it to your board, and gaze at it when you need to feel inspired.

In a similar way, you can also make a playlist on Spotify of songs that remind you of your card.  For example, "We Float" by PJ Harvey always reminds me of the 6 of Swords.

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