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To practice IS perfect.

They say "practice makes perfect."

I have been thinking a lot about the words practice and perfect within the realms of  my spiritual work.

And I've come to realize - I don't want to be perfect.

My spiritual practice is never perfect, nor will it ever be.  And I wouldn't want it any other way.

I love the lack of perfection.  That's what fascinates me the most about my path.  It will never be perfect.  There will always be bumps in the road.  I will always have further to go.  There will always be little side trips that will teach me something along the way.  

What I love the most about this spiritual work is that I will never know everything.

I don't practice to become perfect. I practice because I am curious about what lies within me.  I practice because I love to learn.  What absolutely excites me is that I will never know all there is to know.  I am always finding out new connections with the Tarot, learning about new crystals, or having new spiritual experiences.  

I practice because it is all I can do.  There is no perfect.  There is only what is.

I don't practice to become perfect.  I don't yearn to do things the right way.  I don't need to find the end result.

I practice because it's like coming home.  I practice because I am curious as to what I will discover.  I practice because it is what my spirit craves.

I believe that practice doesn't have to be sitting in silence.  To sit, to find the silence within - yes, that is practice.  But practice can also be something simple and ordinary.  It can be talking a walk, or taking a daily dance break.  Practice for you can mean carrying a crystal in your pocket, and checking in with its energy throughout the day.  Your practice might be a daily Tarot card draw, or reading a different poem out loud every day.  Your practice can just be breathing.  Your practice can just be being.  Just show up, however you choose to.

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