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How it all began...

I vividly remember the instant I awoke to the true nature of the Divine Feminine, of Shakti.

I was deeply immersed in my yoga teacher training, and totally in my element. We were exploring the energetic anatomy of the channels within the body and how they related to pranayama, or yogic breath work.  We were playing with Left Nostril breath, in which we work with the feminine side of the body.  This breath exercise is said to invoke a sense of calm, tranquility, reflection, and deep inner peace.  

I remember thinking "oh, this makes sense, because the feminine is passive, and so working with that side of the body will help us to come into a state of total relaxation."  

Just as that very thought entered my mind, my dear teacher said "Although working with the feminine side of the body can invite a sense of calm into our systems, the Tantric texts tell us that Shakti energy, the energy of the feminine,  is also full of power.  She is the life force, and it is Her energy that makes up all things within our reality -- even us."

My physical and spiritual bodies became totally lit up and alert as I took this in, and my perspective of the reality of Shakti shifted.  I drank the information up as though I had been dehydrated for the entirety of my existence.

And I became ever-thirsty for more.  

I saw that I had been limiting Shakti and the power of the feminine based on my Western perception.  I only saw a part of Her and what She could be.  When my teacher pulled the cosmic curtain back to reveal the whole of Shakti, my spirit bowed down in awe.

It was then that I saw Shakti for what She really is:  divine feminine power, energy, and life force.  She dances through our bodies in our thoughts, our actions, and our creations.  She is as vast as the cosmos and as subtle as the atom.  

In that moment, I felt her pulsing and rippling through me, present in the essence of every cell in my being.

I was awake.  This awareness of the true energy of Shakti,  to see her and honor her as a presence within the entirety of my existence, took my relationship with the Goddess to a whole new level.  

I saw that she could be both creative and destructive, both powerful and nurturing, both fierce and intuitive - just like us.

I realised the truth:  She was within me, and I was an expression of Her.

This prompted an intense desire to understand and commune with Shakti, to get to know She who creates, She who is sovereign, She who is luminous, She who is the Cosmos, She who is one with me...She who is one with you.

And so I dove in headfirst.  

With deep meditation, mantra work, conversation, reflection, journey work, and heart-filled research, I began to feel the presence, the light, the power, of Shakti within my body, mind, and spirit.  I felt her divine nature and was forever changed, forever in awe, forever inspired by Her.

My dear one, I am so honored and excited to have the opportunity to take you on a *FREE* journey of divine communion with the energy that is Shakti.  Will you join me?  

You are not separate from the Goddess and never have been.
Indeed, you are the very means by which She knows herself.
— Hareesh Wallis

She who is the radiant Illuminatrix in all beings.
She who exists in the form of time and space,
the light of the moon and the air of our breath.
Shakti, the cosmic heart of the universe.

She is the entirety of creation...and she is within you.

Join me on an exploration of Shakti, the power that innately flows through your entire being.

In this FREE 8-day series, you will form a divine communion with Shakti energy through meditation, reflection, the tarot, mantra, mudra, yantra, and the Goddess.

Are you ready to tune into the power of the Divine Feminine?

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