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Shall we dance through the cosmic realms of time and transformation?

Do you feel it?  

As we emerge from these Holy Days that surround Samhain, there is a whisper in the air - an energy of change, a call for transformation, a frequency of deep inner strength.  

I know I am feeling it - a palpable desire for release of what no longer serves me.  A vision to see all that is holding me back and weighing me down turning to compost in the earth.  A hope for growth and cosmic expansion.

This sensation, this feels like the heat of fire rising up, it sounds like a fierce ROAR, it tastes like salt and ash and wood.

In its essence, Time, Transformation, and Fierce Strength evoke the Dark Goddess Kali.

Oh Kali.  How she has woven in and out of my life over the past 5 years.  How she has shown me my true and naked self, my true potential.  How she has freed me of my limitations time after time after time.  And I feel her weaving back in, again.  It's time for another cycle.

goddess Kali-04.jpg

I admit - when I first saw an image of Kali, I was a little weary of her.  I mean, who was this lady, carrying a severed head in one hand, tongue sticking out, naked except for a garland of skulls and a skirt of arms?  Why on earth would I want to invite her into my spiritual realm?

Then, curiosity got the best of me.  I began to learn more.  I saw that the severed head was really the ego - perhaps the thing we are most afraid of losing.  I learned that her skirt of arms symbolises the actions we *think* define us, but Kali reminds us that they truly don't.  Her garland speaks of the Sanskrit alphabet, one skull for each syllable, reminding us of the power and vibration of sound, of our words, of our selves.  And her tongue...oh her tongue, how it reminds us to be wild and free and to release our fear of what others think of us.

And then, I came to see her as the Dark Mother Goddess, a protectress to call upon in times of transition when you feel totally lost and need a light to guide the way, need a fire kindled within you to grant you the energy to keep going, when you need someone to dance and scream with, when you need someone to show you the light of your true self, Kali is there.

I'm listening to PJ Harvey as I write this, and I realize - Kali is a bit like her in a way.  She can scream and be absolutely wild, she can be sexy, but at the same time, she can serenade, she can hold space, she can be righteous.  She can feel the whole range of emotions with you as you explore the mysteries of life.

"O sublime Kali,
you dance in solitude as naked truth
Your black hair streams wildly
as pure freedom.
You alone can fulfill with your every being
my soul's most secret yearning.
No one else can offer any real response
to this transcendent desire for union
burning constantly in my heart."

-Ramprasad, "Only you"

My love, I'd like to extend an invitation to you to explore the Mothering and Transformative energy of Kali with me in FIERCE:  A 40 day mantra journey.


  • You are looking for a devoted daily practice and need a little guidance as to what to do daily
  • You desire to be a part of a sisterhood and community of like-minded spirited women
  • You are looking to release what no longer serves you and shift into a new phase of your life
  • You desire deep transformation
  • You long to have a connection with the divine feminine
  • You wish to turn to an archetype that is full of power and strength, yet nurturing at the same time

I would love to have you join me, to dive into an exploration of the divine feminine and the power of Shakti.

Learn more about this invitation here:

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