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Solstice Reflections: What has unfolded for me in 2016

When it comes to visioning, to feeling into the new year, to reflecting, to uncovering and remembering: Tarot is pure magic.

Even though I really resonate with visioning out my upcoming year within the realm of my mind’s eye, with making vision boards and pinterest boards...something within my system truly desires the powerful images of the Tarot to help guide my vision forward.


The Tarot helps me to see what is possible. It opens up portals that I wasn’t aware of before or couldn’t see clearly. The cards help me to put words behind feelings and to claim intentions that have been whispering within my heart space. In this way, I can fully own and stand tall within my true Self.


I love to take photographs of my daily readings, and I carve out time to journal around the wisdom of the cards. In that way, I can come back to readings and reflect upon the transmissions that the cards provided for me. This also gives me an opportunity to dive into the cards again, after time has passed, and see what new insights comes forward. I can then contemplate these learning in retrospect or carry them with me into the future.


I was recently nudged to look back at the Year Ahead Tarot Reading I drew for myself last December, as I was looking ahead into 2016.


What came forward to me with such clarity is the way in which the cards mapped out my year with such wisdom. When I look back upon my reading, I can see events and highlights of my year waving to me from the cards - things that happened in 2016 that I had no idea would occur when I pulled my cards for the year.

The Moon, card of intuition and the power of the divine feminine came forward for March, when I re-launched the Wisdom Within School of Intuition. The Moon illuminates the way in which I was to deliver the content of the course in a whole new way - I even extended the course from 8 weeks to 8 months! Students who participated in our closing call last week all mentioned a deep sense of inner trust, clarity and awareness within their Intuitive Selves. The Moon sometimes can speak of anxiety and fear, and what is amazing is that many students witnessed their own anxieties becoming released during the journey, and they no longer feel fear surrounding their intuitive paths. 


The Mother of Cups manifested in June, the month when I started to plan out A School for the High Priestess with my dear soul-sister Sora Surya No. I see the Mother of Cups in the Wild Unknown as being a sorceress, a magic maker, a creatrix who is in-tune with her divine Goddess energy. These energetics were exactly what Sora and I focused on as we visioned around how we wanted the School for the High Priestess to be born. Through teaching within the School, I feel as though I have truly been able to step into a role as sorceress in the caliber of information I am able to present and the way in which I fully show up as my Self.

The Lovers made themselves known in July, when I went on retreat in Peru. The traveling geese in the Wild Unknown to me speak of travel. When I was in Peru, like the Lovers, I found a sense of deep union with myself, with the divine within me, and with my soul’s purpose. Besides my own personal work, I contemplated my relationship with my husband in a focused way while I was in Peru, and when I returned home to him after my journey, I could feel a deep sense of renewal within our love.

And then there are the archetypes that showed up as my Personal Cards of the Year: The Mother of Swords, the Mother of Wands, and the Empress. Holy wow were these a powerful trio of cards to pull for 2016! They truly walked alongside me as I navigated my way through this year.


The Mother of Swords really helped me to work my way through healing some energetic wounds that I was carrying within my heart space. She helped me to stand in my truth, and to learn how to speak my truth in a way that honored me. She held my hand and guided me forward as I explored new realms within my spiritual practice, and used her sword of wisdom to slash through any mental obstacles that were holding me back from fully showing up within the way that I work.


The Mother of Wands kindled a deep sense of passion and fire within me for the work that I do. With her inner sparks igniting within me, I feel like this year I have felt into a deep appreciation for the magic within my life. She has guided me towards focusing on what absolutely lights me up within the work that I do, and she has lead me to use my desires to help me walk forward on my spiritual path.

The Empress was such a juicy card to feel into this year. As I am on the threshold of releasing my Maiden and embracing my inner Matron, my inner Mother, the Queen within me...the Empress has helped me to stand in my power, to root into Mama Earth and draw her power up from my root chakra and sacral chakra into the rest of my being. She helped me to form a deep connection with the cosmos, to fully step into someone who communes with the Goddess, who dances with the cosmos and who shares my passion and love for Shakti in a clear and confident way.

I am so full of gratitude for the wisdom and inspiration these cards have brought forward to me in this magical year of 2016.

What cosmic visions do you desire to bring forward in 2017, within your personal life, your spiritual life, and the work that you do within this world? 

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With love and Winter Solstice Blessings,

Xo, Elle

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