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The Beauty of the Divine Feminine

This month I have been totally immersing myself in research surrounding the essence of femininity, the energy of creation and manifestation, and the goddess Lakshmi (Psst - my 40 Day Journey with Lakshmi is still available, if you'd like to register).  

In this research I have made a connection that was so beautiful, so profound, so absolutely touching, that I started to tear up a bit when I discovered it.  

Through my yogic studies, I have known that the left side of the body is the lunar and feminine side, while the right is the solar and masculine side.

But I never knew "why" the left side was feminine.  I never dove deeper and asked the question.

I knew about the yogic philosophy of it  (bear with me here for some juicy yogic wisdom): 

You see, there are three channels that run up and down the body called the nadis.  The Sushumna Nadi runs straight up and down the spine.  The Pingala Nadi starts at the right side of the base of the spine and spirals around the Sushumna, and ends in our right nostril.  It is associated with the sun, fire, masculinity, reason, and heat.  

Wrapping around the Sushumna, intertwining with the Pingala Nadi like a DNA double helix, is the Ida Nadi.  It starts on the left side of the base of our spine and spirals around Sushumna to end in our left nostril.  It is associated with the moon, water, intuition, and the Divine Feminine.

This is why in yoga, the left side of the body is associated with the Feminine.

Fun fact:  Where the Ida and Pingala intersect with each out while swirling around the Sushumna are the locations of the chakras.

So I had just accepted this as how it was, without diving deeper and asking another "why?"

However, as I was researching some content for my Lakshmi course, I found this amazing quote:


"Left was chosen for Prakriti {the feminine} because it was associated with the beating heart while the silent right was reserved for Purusha {the masculine}."

-({words in brackets added by me} the rest from Myth = Mithya : A Handbook of Hindu Mythology)

We women...we are associated with the sound of the beating heart. 

That speaks like poetry to me.

The Divine Feminine is the vital life force of our bodies.  Yes, we women are gentle nourishers, and we have the capacity to be full of peace and calm.

The Divine Feminine is located in the center for love, compassion, healing, and our universal truth.

But we carry with us the heart of the matter.  This makes us warriors.  The heart reminds us of our fierce determination to press on, to create life, to exude passion, to energize. 

To keep pulsing life force energy through the body.

The heart is a space of equanimity between gentle and fierce, passive and active.  So as women (or men connected with their feminine side!), we can embody both of those dualities as well.  

We can be complex.  We can be it all, at the same time.

When we want to feel our feminine power, all we need to do is place one hand over our hearts and feel that sacred beat, that divine song and rhythm of our heart space.

"At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists
a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, a complex of wave-forms and
resonances, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which
connects us to everything in the universe.  The act of getting in
touch with this pulse can transform our personal experience and
in some way alter the world around us."

-George Leonard, Silent Pulse

Today, spend some time connecting to the left side, the heart-side, the powerful feminine side.  What does the heart have to say to you?

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