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3 Ways to energize your Throat & Heart Chakras

Dear love,

We'll be journeying through the chakras in the next few newsletters.  I'm so excited to dive deep into these spiritual energetic centers.

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The Throat Chakra is the energetic space located at the center of the throat. It is represented as a deep sapphire blue color. Visually, the Throat Chakra is symbolized by a 16-petaled lotus surrounding a downward pointing triangle, with a circle at its center.  A downward pointing triangle traditionally symbolizes the feminine and water, and the circle evokes the shape of the full moon. I like to visualize this space as a portal to truth and self-expression.  When the Throat Chakra is balanced and energized, we listen to others as much as we speak, and work with expressing our deepest truths.  Someone with an active Throat Chakra may speak in a very clear way with words that resonate from her heart.  

Here are my favorite ways to activate and energize the Throat Chakra::

1.  Mantra:  As the throat chakra works with voice, singing is especially nourishing for this energetic space.  The seed mantra traditionally associated with the Throat Chakra is "ham" or "hum."  (Note:  ham is pronounced "ha-ahm")  To work with a mantra, you may wish to
chant it as you would chant the mantra "om," by taking a deep inhale, and at the top of the  breath, allowing the mantra to be spoken for the extension of the exhale.  I like to pause for a full round of  breath between recitations of this mantra.  Another great mantra for this chakra is "I am free to speak my truth."  This is a great mantra to put on a sticky note somewhere where you can see it every day.

2.  Mudra:  A mudra, or hand gesture, that speaks to the Throat Chakra is called "Granthita Mudra," also known as Knot Mudra. To  make this mudra, interlace your fingers together as though you were folding your hands.  Press your index fingers to your thumbs, and raise your hands to your throat space.  This is a great mudra to do to unravel any knots that may be residing in the throat space.  I recommend removing any rings you may have on to allow this mudra to be more comfortable.

3.  Crystals:  The crystal that really resonates with my Throat Chakra is Kyanite.  When I first started to teach yoga and yoga workshops, I would always carry Kyanite with me to help release any anxiety over speaking to a group of people in this way.  This beautiful sky blue stone assists in self-expression and helps to truth to come forward with ease.  To work with kyanite, you may wish to wear it as a necklace, or place it at the base of your throat as you lie down in meditation. Don't have Kyanite?  No worries - You can flex your visualization muscles and tap into the energy of Kyanite with Aligned, my new crystal meditation album.


The Heart Chakra is the energetic space located at the center of the chest. It is usually depicted as a deep emerald color, but sometimes associated with pink as well.  Visually, the Heart Chakra is symbolized by a downward pointing triangle united with an upward pointing triangle, enclosed within a 12-petaled lotus.  As this chakra is in the center of the energetic system, it is seen as a doorway to the higher chakras, and unites the earthy energy of the lower chakras with the spiritual energy of the higher chakras.  When the Heart Chakra is balanced and energized, we have worked on nourishing any past wounds, and are able to both give and receive love.  

Here are my favorite ways to activate and energize the Heart Chakra::

1.  Massage:  I love massaging my heart chakra with anointing oils to provide a sense of love and tenderness to this energetic space.  Rose Otto is my favorite essential oil for the heart space.  You may be able to find Rose Otto already mixed with a carrier oil, like jojoba or sunflower oil, or you can make your own anointing oil by mixing a couple of drops of rose otto with 1 fluid oz. of carrier oil.  (Note:  Never apply essential oils straight to your skin without diluting them with a carrier oil first)  If you are sensitive to essential oils, you can use a small amount of coconut oil to nurture this space.

2.  Work with a love Goddess:  Working with the energies of any goddess that is associated with love or compassion will help you to embody those qualities within your own heart space.  Lakshmi is a lovely mother goddess who works with love and devotion, and Kwan Yin is someone to turn to for compassion and deep healing.  Aphrodite, Innana, and Freyja are other goddesses that might resonate with you for nurturing your heart space.

3.  Crystal:  Rose Quartz is such a nourishing stone for the heart space. I love how when I hold this crystal, I can feel my heart space soften, as though the energy of Rose Quartz was embracing it in a loving hug.  I like to place a bit of rose quartz in my sports bra so that it stays close to my heart, or you may wish to wear it as a necklace.  To tap into Rose Quartz on an energetic level, head over here to listen to a special Heart Chakra meditation with Rose Quartz.

The key to working with chakras is daily practice.  Work with these tips and tools frequently to continue your work with these energetic centers.

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