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Tips & Tools to Connect to your Crown & Third Eye Chakras

From the beginning of my spiritual journey, the chakras have fascinated me.  To think of these energetic centers within my body still fills me with a sense of wonder and awe.  I love to explore these spaces within my energetic field, and am always learning more as I walk forward on my spiritual journey.

To energize a chakra is to find a sense of balance and activation within that energy center.  When I work with the chakras, I usually work with the main 7:  
1.  The Root Chakra (located at the base of the spine)
2.  The Sacral Charka (located about 4 inches below the navel)
3.  The Solar Plexus (above the navel and under the ribcage)
4.  The Heart Chakra
5.  The Throat Chakra
6.  The Third Eye Chakra (located between the eyebrows)
7.  The Crown Chakra

I have noticed that as we grow spiritually, we tend to nourish these chakras and allow their energies to be expressed in a more open and authentic way.

We'll be journeying through the chakras in the next few newsletters.  I decided to start with at the top and work my way down - but you can really work on the chakras in any order that calls out to you.


The Crown Chakra is the energetic space located at the top of the head. It is usually depicted as a deep violet or purple color, but sometimes is also shown as being white or gold.  Visually, the Crown Chakra is symbolized by a 1000 petaled lotus. I like to visualize this space as a portal to the divine.  When the Crown Chakra is balanced and energized, we feel connected to the collective consciousness and understand the union of ourselves with the universe.  Someone with an active Crown Chakra may be more aware of her intuition, and may find ease with committing to a spiritual practice.  

Here are my favorite ways to activate and energize the Crown Chakra::

1.  Mantra:  A mantra that I associate with the Crown Chakra is "I am one with the divine."  To work with a mantra, you may wish to simply write it down and place it in a space where you can see it and read it frequently.  You may also repeat the mantra to yourself as you meditate.  When you realize your connectedness with all that is divine, you open yourself up to the inherent beauty and magic within yourself and your environment.

2.  Mudra:  A mudra, or hand gesture, that speaks to the Crown Chakra is called "Akasha Mudra." To  make this mudra, connect the tips of the thumb and middle finger together on each hand.  I like to apply pressure to the space where my fingers meet.  While I work with this mantra, I close my eyes and visualize energy being sent to my Crown Chakra, while also visualizing my Root Chakra drawing up energy from the earth.

3.  Crystals:  My favorite Crown Chakra crystal is Selenite.  This beautiful white stone is named after the Greek word for the moon, and it brings me a sense of relaxation and restoration.  To work with selenite, you may wish to lay down and place the stone on the floor behind the head, so that its energies may be absorbed by the Crown Chakra. Don't have Selenite?  No worries - You can flex your visualization muscles and tap into the energy of Selenite with Aligned, my new crystal meditation album.

4.  Acts of Service & Kindness:  An energized Crown Chakra brings about an awareness of the unity that all humans on this planet share.  To extend kindness or carry out a service for someone else puts that idea into action.  Perhaps it's as easy as donating to a charity that is close to your heart, or maybe you clear out any clothes from your closet that no longer serve you and donate them to a clothing drive or Goodwill Shop.  


The Third Eye Chakra is the energetic space located at the center of the brow. It is usually depicted as a deep indigo, but sometimes associated with purple as well.  Visually, the Third Eye Chakra is symbolized by a downward pointing triangle within a two-petaled flower. I like to visualize this space as a doorway to my inner wisdom.  When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced and energized, we feel connected to our spiritual selves and our intuition speaks loud and clear.  

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Here are my favorite ways to activate and energize the Third Eye Chakra::

1.  Keep an intuition journal:  To really become aware of your intuitive nudges, keep an intuition journal.  Start out this journal by writing down all of the times you remember being intuitive, and then keep record of any other intuitive nudges as they come along.  Bonus points:  Write down your dreams in this space too, to see if you receive any messages while in dreamtime!

2.  Clear the mind through meditation:  As the Third Eye chakra governs the mind, if your thoughts are negative, full of doubt, or not serving you, you may not be able to access your intuition as easily.  In your meditation practice, try to focus your mind solely on your breath.  Whenever thoughts come up, watch them float by as though they were clouds floating through the sky of your mind.  Then, gently guide yourself back to focusing on your breath.  Just becoming aware of the thought and then letting it go is a powerful practice.

3.  Crystal:  Amethyst is my absolute favorite stone for working with the Third Eye Chakra, and it is such a fantastic stone for the entire energy field.  Amethyst is a brilliant violet stone that is said to help invite in a sense of focus and clarity within the mind, and has been used traditionally for centuries to release addiction.  If you wish to connect deeper with Amethyst, you may enjoy Aligned, my crystal meditation album.  There, we tap into the energy of Amethyst and invite it into our energetic fields.

The key to working with chakras is daily practice.  Work with these tips and tools frequently to continue your work with these energetic centers.

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What's more:  Each meditation resonates with a different chakra.  The music for each meditation was created with its coordinating chakra in mind.

That means:  Not only will you feel into the essence of each crystal, but you will also align your chakras along the way.

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