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3 MORE cards (from the Minor Arcana) that speak of Intuition

Last week I talked about 3 cards from the Major Acana that can help you to tap into your intuition.

After I wrote that post, some cards from the Minor Arcana kept coming up for that spoke of Intuition...and they wanted to be heard.

I have found the Tarot to be a fantastic tool to use in my spiritual practice to help me play with and practice my intuition (read more about that here).  

Not only does pulling Tarot cards for yourself and for others help you to tap into your Intuitive Self, but you can also work with the energies of Tarot cards to help you gain confidence in your innate intuitive abilities.

Here are my top three cards from the Minor Arcana that you can connect with to totally amplify your intuitive wisdom:

The Two of Swords - My interpretation of the Two of Swords is a bit different than what you'll find in most guidebooks.  Check her out:  she's drawing within, protecting her heart, closing off the eyes and ears.  She's got the power of the moon (a symbol of intuition) & ocean (a symbol of our vast unconscious) behind her. 

This girl is rooted in feminine & intuitive energy but yet she's strong:  she's ready to fight, blindfolded.  Her intuition is that spot on.  She can see with her eyes closed.

This card can have a few interpretations, and it all comes down to who you think put the blindfold on.  Was it her, or was it someone else?  Is she training to be a clairvoyant master, or is she being fooled? 

I think that because of the blindfold, her third eye is wide open. She's listening, sensing, and guiding myself - she can see, intuitively.

The Mother of Cups -  The Mother of Cups in the Wild Unknown deck always reminds me of a magic-maker.  I feel like she is creating a potion of some kind within the cup, or perhaps, a portal into her intuition.  

The traditional Rider-Waite card shows the dress of the Queen of Cups becoming one with the ocean, which represents our unconscious minds.  Within our unconscious lies our intuition - and when we are able to bring it forward into the conscious mind, we can access our deep and inner wisdom.  

As the suit of Cups deals with matters of the heart and emotions, I feel as though the Mother of Cups may also be Clairsentient. 

Ace of Swords - The Ace of Swords speaks to me of Claircognizance.  It's that ah-ha! moment of sudden clarity of the mind.  The Ace of Swords speaks of the power of the  mind - and reminds me of how amazing it is that our brains can access our intuitive wisdom.  The Ace of Swords, to me, speaks of bringing the unconscious forward into the consciousness of our minds and having the ability to access it successfully.  

The Sword in the Ace of Swords points up, which further symbolizes wisdom (instead of using a sword for fighting).  When we combine wisdom with our intuition, we can find crystal clear clarity.  

As Madeline L'Engle says, “Your intuition and your intellect should be working together… making love. That’s how it works best.” 

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