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3 Tarot Cards to help you tap into your Intuitive Self

I have found the Tarot to be a fantastic tool to use in my spiritual practice to help me play with and practice my intuition (read more about that here).  

Not only does pulling Tarot cards for yourself and for others help you to tap into your Intuitive Self, but you can also work with the energies of Tarot cards to help you gain confidence in your innate intuitive abilities.

Here are my top three cards from the Major Arcana that you can connect with to totally amplify your intuitive wisdom:

Image by Danielle Cohen -

Image by Danielle Cohen -

The High Priestess - The High Priestess (or HP as I like to call her) speaks of the hidden wisdom of the subconscious, and when we work with her, we honor the mystery, the darkness, and the hidden.  We also invite the subconscious to move forward into the conscious so that we may recognize our deep inner knowing.

The High Priestess speaks of the intuitive energies of the Moon (which we'll discuss more in the next card), as well as the intuitive power of the divine feminine.  The combination of the moon with the HP's feminine power makes for a card that helps us to tap into our deep inner wisdom and to find confidence and clarity with what knowledge comes forth.

Diving deeper into the subconscious, the traditional image of the HP shows a body of water in the background - water works not only with the energies of our emotions and creativity, but also with our subconscious, intuition, and deep inner truth.  The water shows us how deep our subconsciousness can be.  Imagine how much wisdom can be found there!

The HP also hints at the mysteries of our intuitive wisdom - we may not know where our deep and vast knowledge of the unknown comes from.  But we can sit with that, be okay with it, and see the  beauty of it.  

The Moon -  To me, the Moon tells of not only Intuition, but the fear and anxiety that surround psychic wisdom for many people.  

As a symbol, the moon speaks strongly of our innate intuitive abilities.  When we tune into the wild and feminine energy of the moon, we find that we are more prone to visions that are intuitive in nature.  Our imaginations become activated in a way where we can "see" the unseen unfolding - right in our mind's eye.  

As the water in the background of the HP card works with the depths of our subconsciousness, we realize that the moon helps to churn those waters, as the Moon influences the tide.

The moon invokes our inner wild selves.  When I think of the wild, I think of the intuitive nature of animals.  Salmon know how to travel back to the place where they were born, and birds know when it's time to fly south for the winter.  When you see a murmuration of sparrows moving together as though they were one creature, we can visually see the intuitive connection between the flock.  

The Moon's cycles coincides with a woman's menstrual cycles - and many women notice that when they are menstruating, that they are more connected to their intuitive selves.

The Hermit - The Hermit works in the most wonderful of ways with drawing within and tapping into our inner wisdom, while at the same time serving as a beacon of light to help others.  

The hermit serves as a guide - he may hint at a spiritual guide or teacher, or of your Higher Self or Intuitive Self.  He makes the time to draw within and practice separating himself from the distractions of the world.  We can do this through meditation, yoga, mantra, or mudra work.  When we release the busyness of our lives, we can tap into our intuitive wisdom with ease.

Like the water that is hinted at in the HP card and the Moon, the Hermit also speaks of the mysteries of the unconscious.  

We can also see the Hermit as our intuition personified - holding a light for us to see the truth.  This light can shine wisdom on our unconsciousness, too - so that we may interpret it with clarity and confidence.

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