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2 of the most important lists you may ever make

Here's one thing I can promise you::

When your in your 80's or 90's and you look back upon your life, you're not going to wish you did more of anything that did not serve you.  

You're not going to wish you did more of that thing that made you feel untrue to yourself.  

You're not going to wish that you lived your life for someone else instead of for yourself.

(Don't believe me?  Here's a bit of proof.)

As my days have been getting busy and full, I've been really contemplating this.  

What makes me feel totally alive and present in this moment?  


What do I dread? What energetically drains me?  What makes me feel not in alignment with my true self?

This week I have been making a list.  One list of things that are energize me, and another list of things that drain me.

A few examples of my energizing list are:
Walking to yoga class
Designing graphics, ebooks, and websites for spirited sisters
Snuggling with my mister
Drinking tea with my good friend Cait
Meditating with my crystal besties
Creating lesson plans + courses
Stopping to smell the roses (seriously - every time I have seen a rose blossoming this week, I have stopped to smell it)

A few examples of my draining list are:
14 hour work days
Feeling too reliant on my cell phone
Spending time with people who aren't able to really see me
Interacting with people who don't value my work and worth
Feeling like I can't express my emotions

With this information, I have made a commitment.

A commitment to my 90-year-old-self.  

I am creating the space for more of what I love.  I am giving myself permission to do less of what no longer serves me.

I totally realize it's impossible to release ALL of the things on my draining list.  Sometimes, I need to do those things.  Sometimes, life just aligns in a  certain way where doing something on the draining list is unavoidable.  But, I know that I can do LESS of those things instead.  I can make an effort to create a life that serves me as much as possible.  I can do more of the things in my joy list. And since life is never perfect, but to practice is perfect, I know I can turn those difficult  moments into learning experiences.  

When you think of your 90-year-old-self, what do you think you would wish you did more of in your life?

What energizes you?

What makes you feel totally in alignment with your true self?

I am here, cheering you on to do more of that.  Do more of what makes your soul sing.

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