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5 Powerful Mantras to Deepen your Spiritual Practice

A mantra is a song that stirs the soul.

According to the dictionary, mantra is "(originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation."  In Sanskrit, "man" is derived from the word for "mind" and "tra" comes from the word for instrument or tool. Mantra is a tool for the mind to use in order to achieve a specific goal.  

For me, each mantra carries a distinct vibration and energy.  I believe that when I create a sound, the energy that the sound holds begins to resonate with my own energy field and surroundings.  In this way, mantras are a vehicle to help us to connect with the Divine through sound. We can also "say" the mantra in our mind's voice, and the energy of the mantra will resonate within our mind and bodies. 

Below you'll find 5 specific goals along with a mantra that is designed to help you achieve that goal.

You may wish to work with the mantra in your meditation practice, when you practice yoga, or in a bit of a more focused way with a string of mala beads.  However you chose to play with mantra, I think you will really resonate with this practice.

1.  To provide a sense of calm:: om shanti, shanti, shanti
This mantra translates to "om, peace, peace, peace," and is the perfect mantra to use when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  You may wish to start your meditation practice thinking of three things that are causing you to feel a sense of anxiety, and visualize each one leaving with each "shanti" that you say.  You can repeat this mantra and this visualization for the length of your meditation practice.

2.  To boost confidence:: I am enough.
This  mantra is one that I use when I am feeling as though I am not good enough, or when I have not met a personal goal and am feeling let down.  Working with my breath, I say "I am" in my mind's voice on the inhale, and "enough" on the exhale.

3.  To break through obstacles:: Om gum ganapathye namaha
This mantra works with the Hindu deity of Ganesha, who helps us to move beyond any obstacle on our path so that we may walk forward on our spiritual journey.  As Ganesha also resonates with the root chakra, this is a great mantra to use to feel rooted, centered, and grounded.

4.  To invoke spiritual abundance:: Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Maha Lakshmi, Namaha
This mantra works with the heart-centered power of the goddess Lakshmi to help us deepen our spiritual practice.  Hreem is a  bija (or seed) mantra that balances out the bija of Shreem:  As Shreem works with our lunar aspects, Hreem works with the solar - the light that is within Lakshmi.  The bija Kleem works with the energy of attraction.  Kleem helps us to attract the spiritual qualities of Lakshmi to us.  Maha means great, and namaha is a word that is used to denote an adoration of the subject of the mantra.
In short, this mantra can be summarized as meaning "Om, with adoration to the great Lakshmi, I invoke  her divine light of femininity into my life."

5.  To incite creativity:: Om Aim Saraswati Namaha
Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom and the creative arts.  Whether you are a writer, a painter, a singer, a musician, a designer, or just looking to tap into your inner creativity for any kind of project, Saraswati is your girl. I love working with this mantra and how it invites the energy of creativity into my day.

Want to learn more?  Head on over here to learn how I use mala  beans in my mantra practice.

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