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A story of Energy (+ why I believe in doing playing with energy in your own way)

Allow me to tell you a bit of a story:

When I was younger, I was one of the sensitive ones.  I would sometimes do or say things that hinted at a developing intuition, starting at age 3 or 4.  When I was 12 or so I started having dreams that came true, and in college I noticed that I was highly sensitive to people's energies.

I started playing with sensing energy and asking it to shift when my friend had a mysteriously injured shoulder.  I didn't really think too much about it, I didn't tell myself it was crazy or that I wasn't trained to do it -- I just tried it.  We were studying abroad in Spain and so I felt like we didn't have many options.  She could feel the heat of my hands even though I wasn't touching her.  While it didn't help her completely, giving myself permission to play in that way opened the doors to my energy healing studies.

A couple of years later, I started working on developing my intuition.  This was a conscious thing.  I wanted to do it - with my whole heart.  I started to meditate, work with mantras, commit to my yoga practice, and play with Tarot cards.  This work gave me such joy and felt like home.  It was comforting to go within, to help others, to be connected to my inner self.

About two years into this time of study, a Reiki Master approached me.  He had no way of knowing about my spiritual pursuits.  We got to talking (about art, actually) and he asked if I'd be interested in learning Reiki.  I had heard of Reiki but had never met anyone who actually taught it.  I signed up, and made my way over the course of a few years to become a certified Reiki Master and Teacher myself.

Something felt off about things within the way I was doing Reiki, though.  I felt spread thin. I felt like I couldn't honor myself within my Reiki practice.  I didn't resonate with the container that I was putting myself into.  I felt like I couldn't honor myself or my intuition because I was putting myself into a box with how I worked with energy...and it wasn't jiving with me at all.

I see how I was doing this to myself.

I was doing too many things, and keeping them separate -- teaching meditation and yoga, working with Tarot cards, helping others with Reiki, nurturing my interest in crystals, finding a sense of sacredness with was a bit all over the place. I wasn't letting my skills and interests play together.

I knew I could connect to the source of Reiki energy in my own way. The magic was in giving myself permission to do so.  Permission to honor myself, permission to honor my Higher Self, and permission to honor my intuition.

Then something shifted.

One day I stopped compartmentalizing my skills...and realized they all belonged together.

Listening to my intuition, I changed the way I did distance Reiki healing sessions for others.  I realized that I could do things in my own way and honor my own journey...and thus honor the energy of others.

& it just felt so...RIGHT.

And the feedback I got from this new way of working with energy - this way that was true to me, was incredible.

Dear One,

Are you honoring yourself in what you do and how you do things?

Whether you are a teacher, an engineer, a cashier, a mom, a yoga teacher, a life coach, or anything, really...

I want you to know that I believe you can do each of these things in your own way.

You don't have to fit into a mold or follow in someone else's footsteps.

You can be the leader.  You can be the first person to do your kind of work in the way that you do it.

I believe that you can bring all parts of yourself into the work that you do.

I know that magic happens when we break through the limitations that we (or others) have placed upon ourselves.

It is in this way that I have really seen all that is possible with the work that I do.

I believe in your uniqueness.


Hey magic maker..
Are you ready to take
the next step on your journey?


While I first received my Reiki 1 training in 2009, I began to play with energy and energy healing as a child. I found that many aspects of my "play" I was still able to utilize as an adult.  As I moved on to Levels 2 + 3, I started to intuitively go my own way with Reiki -- using both tradition and methods of my own development.

I became a Reiki Master and Teacher in 2011, and have taught all levels of Reiki to children, teens, and adults.

I teach Reiki both in a way that honors intuition and tradition.  You will find that intuition allows for a lot more to happen -- which is why I choose to nurture that aspect of Reiki much more.  

This way of teaching Reiki is unique in that it is gleaned from my personal work in Reiki and allows the student to develop his or her own style of working with Reiki energy.  

I encourage you throughout your Reiki journey to work with energy in your own intuitive and personal way.

A special offering:

Reiki Levels 1/2/3 {Master}:  Purchase either levels 1 AND 2 or Level 3 on its own and receive my Tarot Within Course (a $197 value) as a free gift to help with your intuitive journey.  Offer valid until Friday May 27th

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a powerful energy healing practice that prompts a journey of spiritual growth and intuitive development.

The word Reiki translates to "universal life energy."  Reiki can be practiced on yourself as a means to develop inner awareness and intuition, or on others as a gentle, non-invasive healing technique.

Some of the many examples of ways that Reiki can be used include:

-reduce stress
-develop intuition
-soothe anxiety
-deepen your spiritual journey
-reduce pain
-balance the chakras
-nourish the emotional body
-aid in better sleep

This simple energy work system offers well being to the entire physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

"I highly recommend Elle's Reiki course to everyone. She is absolutely amazing! Her way of teaching will allow you to learn to use Reiki energy in union with your own intuition. Elle will be by your side every step of your journey answering your questions, giving you advices, gently encouraging to move forward and trust yourself. Give it a try and Reiki will enter your life and bring magic in your everyday existence." -LK

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