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4 Ways to protect yourself from Energy Vampires (because it takes more than some garlic)

Over the past couple of months, I've had a bunch of conversations with students + spiritual mentoring clients about the way that certain people can drain our energy. 

When we encounter this type of person, we are left feeling exhausted, depressed, anxious, ungrounded, and out of sorts.  

I fondly call these people who have this effect energy vampires.

(+ I promise that's not just because I have been making my way through both the Buffy + Angel series in a hardcore way the past couple of  months...)

Energy vampires have a tendency to dwell in the negative.  Some may love to gossip negatively about others, while some are known to hang on to low-self esteem and a jealousy of others.

Now, I want to be clear:  energy vampires aren't bad people.  But they can leave us with a really icky feeling.  Especially if you are empathic or clairsentient.

Here are four ways to guard yourself from energy vampires (because a necklace of garlic won't really work for this sort of thing...)

1.  Ground yourself before, during and after interacting:  

You may wish to ground by chanting "Lam," (pronounced lah-mm) which is the bija or seed mantra of the root chakra.  You can also ground easily using the root chakra mudra, which is simply pressing your ring finger to the thumb. Other ways of grounding are to imagine that you are a tree, with roots digging deep into the ground.  In this visualization, draw up nourishment and protection from Mother Earth. 

Grounding is a really effective way to boost your energetic strength so that you are able to prevent yourself from absorbing someone else's negative vibes.

2.  Find compassion:

I find that if I treat someone who is energetically draining with compassion, I am able to prevent myself from feeling weighed down.  I usually place one hand on my heart, and think something along the lines of "I feel compassion towards this person, for I know not what has manifested in his/her life to prompt this type of draining energy.  I understand that this person needs to be surrounded with positive energy and light."  In this way, I not only practice compassion and empathy, but I also release the temptation to take on the other person's energy as my own - I state that it belongs to them.

3.  Use your breath:

This is especially helpful to practice after encountering an energy vampire.  As you inhale, invite in light and positive energy into your aura.  As you exhale, release any negative energy that you are holding on to.  Visualize the positive energy coming in, and the negative energy releasing.  In this way, you not only release, but you also invite in a sense of calm as you focus on your breath.

4.  Carry crystals:

My favorite crystals for positive  energetic protection are citrine and carnelian, as they also invoke a sense of joy and vibrance.  Additionally, any black stone, such as black quartz, black tourmaline, onyx, and black kyanite are especially luscious and protective.  You may wish to keep one of these crystals with you at all times, especially if you find that you are sensitive to the energy of others.

5.  Alone time + self care:

After spending a long period of time with a draining individual, I find it to be such sweet medicine to spend a bit of time by myself.  I may go for a 10 minute walk, take a bath, or practice a few yoga postures.  Sometimes, just making myself a really nourishing and grounding meal does the trick (and maybe I do use garlic when I cook these meals for a little giggle).

I hope that the next time you encounter an energy vampire, you are able to walk forward with a sense of stability, clarity, and inner calm.

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