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Are you a Saraswati Woman? (or do you desire to be?)

Are you a Saraswati woman?  (Or do you desire to be?)

A Saraswati woman is someone who lives in alignment with the energies of the goddess.

Do any (or all!) of these descriptions sound like you?

A Saraswati woman is blanketed with a feeling of absolute bliss and potential when she walks into a book store or library.  She may have a pile of books by her bed, and she will tell you that she is reading all of them at once.

A Saraswati woman loves to listen to music throughout the day.  Certain lyrics speak to her soul and fill her with emotion.  When she is alone (or if she is brave, around others), she sings or plays instruments along to her favorite songs, and for her this feels like a pure expression of her inner self.

A Saraswati woman is an artist at heart - she paints, bakes, writes, dances, or designs - or maybe she has dabbled in many creative outlets throughout her life.  Her heart flutters when she finds something that fills her with inspiration - perhaps a Picasso painting, a ballet performance, or a meal at a new restaurant.  This inspiration often sends her into creation mode, where time seems to travel at a different rate than it does for others, and where she feels connected to the divine.

A Saraswati woman LOVES words and languages.  She may look up the etymology of words that interest her, or have a list of favorite under-used vocabulary words in the back of her journal.  If she hears someone speaking a language that she doesn't know, she listens with fascination, yearning to unravel the mystery of meaning.

A Saraswati woman is rooted deep in her spirituality, and it is her innate curiosity that guides her deeper on her path.  She is intrigued by the practice of mantras and kirtan, and enjoys spending time on the internet scrolling through spiritual blogs.  In her meditation practice, she strives to form a deeper connection with the truth of the divinity within herself.  

If any of these descriptions resonate with you at the core of your being, you, my dear one, have aspects of Saraswati within you.  You can turn to her as your patron goddess - may she guide you forward on your spiritual path.

If these descriptions didn't quite match up with you in this moment, but you long to embody these Saraswati qualities - love, do not worry. I truly believe that you can work towards cultivating this energy within yourself with commitment to your personal practice.

Whether you connect with Saraswati because your energy is intertwined with hers, or whether the ways of Saraswati inspire you and she serves as your can form a deeper connection with her essence through a daily practice.

Join me and form a connection with Saraswati- registration closes this Friday.

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