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My Saraswati Story

Saraswati was the first goddess that made herself known to me, just as I was beginning to really dive deep into my spiritual journey.

I remember the moment vividly:  I was sitting on the floor of my first apartment, on the kind of afternoon where the sun poured through the open window in the most warming and inviting way.  Leaned up against the seat of an old armchair, I was reading The Spontaneous Fulfilment of Desire by Deepak Chopra while writing notes and musings in my composition notebook.  

Deepak was taking me on a journey through various archetypes, and I was absolutely enthralled by his every word.  This was the first time I had really thought about archetypes before, and I was filled with a strong desire to work with an archetype of my own - an energy that I could embody; an energy that could inspire me as I walked forward on my spiritual path.

It was then when the name Saraswati jumped out to me, as though the name was doing a dance on the page to grab my attention.  

Deepak described Saraswati as someone who radiated the pure light of wisdom and intelligence.  He spoke of Saraswati's affinity for the arts, and called her a warrior of truth.

In that moment, Saraswati asked me to connect with her energy.  I closed my eyes and felt into the little that I knew of this goddess, yet I still felt a profound connection with her.  As I embodied Saraswati, I dove into her consciousness and experienced my inner world through her senses.  

And I knew - she was more than my archetype - she was my patron goddess, my inspiration.

This was during a time when I didn't have the internet in my apartment...and at this time, the internet wasn't as lush of an information network as it is now.  So I did what research I could about Saraswati at the library (how suitable for the goddess of wisdom!) and also learned about her through my own spiritual work.  

She was the perfect inspiration for me - a teacher, a blossoming yogi diving into a big pile of books about tarot, meditation, and totem animals, an artist who spent her free time in museums and galleries, a book worm at heart.

Saraswati and I still meet frequently in the meditation space I retreat to in my mind's eye, where we sit together and chat about tea.

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