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Imagine this...{a vision for your next year}

Dear one,

Will you walk with me in the space of your visionary Third Eye for a moment?

Imagine a School, a Hogwarts High Priestesses, for mystics.

This school is a sacred temple - can you see it now?  The walls are lined in glimmering amethyst, the smell of frankincense and sage perfumes the air, and there are altars set up in every corner.

This temple is a space to gather with your sisters - can you see them circled around in the main hall, waiting for you?

You can feel it deep within your bones:  This school will allow you to discover your truest power, unlock the mysteries that lie within, and to grow into the woman you are destined to become.

In this space, you feel safe.  Notice how grounded your Root Chakra feels here, while your Crown Chakra is energized and awakened.  You know this is a space where you can truly flourish and move forward on your path.  And it is sending tingles of excitement up your spine.


This is a gathering of those just like yourself - sisters on the path to living and honoring their inner Goddess, no matter far along they are on their journey.

 Photo  by Vanessa Carey

Photo  by Vanessa Carey

Dear one, The School for the High Priestess is a year-long online training program divided into two semesters (Fall and Spring) and co-created by Sora Surya No and myself. As teachers, leaders, and guides of all things mystical, we have the unique ability to hold sacred space for powerful women like yourself.


In this virtual school, you will uncover the arts of mystery, magic, and sacred rites of passage while learning how to live your life as a High Priestess. Because, my love, it is time to come out of hiding.  It is time to stand in your power.


Registration is now open for the Fall Semester, where we will go on a journey of deep exploration into the spiritual realm to become confident in our ability to uncover the mysteries of life.  

Now, let’s move forward into the future in this mystical realm. Envision yourself one year from now, after you are complete with the first level of the High Priestess School.

Sister, We see you in the future.  

You are a High Priestess, infusing every moment of your life with the sacred.  

You are able to use your spiritual practice for the greater good of not only yourself, but also all who surround you.  

As you have walked the High Priestess path, you have risen up to the next level of your spiritual experience.  You are a sorceress of the spiritual realm.  

You have fully stepped into your own power and have shifted your spiritual paradigm into a new way of working with all things sacred.  Your Highest Self is now fully activated. 

By the end of the course, you will look back on your journey and see how far you have come.  You will have:

  • Explored the temple that lies within
  • Moved through shadow work with grace, to see the light that lies on the other side
  • Discovered the profound magic in your womb space
  • Gained confidence as you stand in your power as a High Priestess
  • Incorporated the sacred into every moment of your day
  • Found a sense of clarity as to how you can serve as a High Priestess in your community

...and so much more.

Dear one, can you see it?  Can you feel it?  Does your energy field light up when you hear about this School?  If you are feeling a YES dwelling within yourself, click on the link below to learn more about the School.

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