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5 Ways to Embrace Mercury Retrograde {for real}

Dear one,

When you hear that Mercury is going retrograde (AGAIN!?!) do you grit your teeth with dread?  During this time, do you tend to blame anything and everything that is going wrong (in your perception!) on poor little Mercury appearing to travel backwards in the sky?

My love - this does not need to be your reality over the next month.

I have a bit of a thing with Mercury.  As the ruling planet of BOTH Virgo and Gemini, it is all over my path.  You see, I have Gemini as my sun sign, and Virgo is both my moon sign and my rising sign.  What's more is that in my birth chart, my Mercury is in the sign of Gemini!  

When I first learned about Mercury Retrograde and all of the havoc it was notorious for creating, I too would grit my teeth with dread, and be on the look out for things going wrong so that I could blame it on Mercury.  Email not showing up in my inbox?  Mercury!  Having mis-understanding happen between a friend?  Mercury!  Something wrong with my cell phone?  It must be Mercury!

But then, I decided to approach Mercury Retrograde in a different way.  I made a commitment to become friends with it, to embrace it, to learn all that I could for it.

And then, everything changed.

Now, instead of groaning whenever I see Mercury Retrograde coming up on my calendar, I think:  How can I make the most out of this time?

And darling, you can do the same.

Here are 5 Ways to Embrace Mercury Retrograde, in all its glory:

1.  See Mercury Retrograde as the best time to get organized.

When Mercury begins its retrograde, I see is as an opportunity to clean, cleanse, purge, and organize.  I make sure files are arranged neatly in folders on my computer and backed up, and I also delete any files that I do not need any longer.  My desk and bedroom get a deep cleanse as well.  I see it as a reminder to make any appointments for myself (or my car!) and to make sure all of my bills are paid.  In this way, I make sure I am creating an environment of calm and ease, supported by the desire of Mercury Retrograde to cleanse what no longer serves us.

2.  Slow down and relax!

Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to draw within and is a great excuse to add more self-care to your schedule.  For instance, I have made myself  both an acupuncture and an energy healing appointment this week to support my energetic system and unwind.  Give yourself extra space for inner reflection, journaling, restorative yoga, or even a relaxing pajama day in bed with your favorite movies on queue in Netflix.  Mercury Retrograde is a perfect reminder for us to not rush through life.

3.  Connect with friends

Mercury Retrograde is known for bringing those from our past back into our current state of reality, and so I see this as a time to connect with loved ones, sisters, and besties who I haven't had to chance to have a deep heart-to-heart with in a while.  Whether it's through email, a phone call, or a coffee date, use Mercury Retrograde as a reminder to stay in touch with those who matter most in your life.

4.  Reflect + Plan

Many see Mercury Retrograde as a time when you should avoid big projects, trips, launches, life changes or moves.  Because of this, I see Mercury Retrograde as a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past 3-6 months and to plan and day dream for how I desire for my next 3-6 months to go.  I use the hibernating energy of Mercury Retrograde to map out a plan, and then I use the energy and momentum that I feel once Mercury is out of retrograde to put my plans into action.  

5.  Honor your Throat Chakra

As the great communicator, Mercury reminds me of the importance of a healthy Throat Chakra.  During Mercury Retrograde, I practice my Throat Kyanite meditation, chant the seed mantra of the Throat Chakra (HAM, pronounced ha-ahm), make sure to wear my turquoise ring, and work with speaking my truth in a way that is both compassionate and honors myself.  In this way, I use Mercury Retrograde as an opportunity instead of as a burden in this area.

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