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Pisces Lunar Eclipse: Tarot Readings for your Sign

Dear Magic Maker,

I feel like so much is shifting and turning right now for me in my personal life and in my business.  There is a lot of clearing, deep examination, and so much beautiful healing happening within the work that I am doing, and it feels like it is paving the way for a huge level of expansion.  While it's not always easy, it feels like such powerful medicine to be working with right now.  With the Full Moon Eclipse paired with the energy of the upcoming Equinox, this moment feels so potent and full of release.

When the Full Moon is in Pisces, it speaks of the emotional + sensitive element of water.  Water is also symbolic of our unconsciousness, our intuition, and a need for deep reflection.

For your own reflection + integration, I have pulled a tarot card for each sign for a mini lunar eclipse reading.  

PS - I have space left for TWO Year-End Tarot Readings open - scroll to the bottom to learn more about this special offering.

You may wish to read both your sun sign and your lunar sign to get the full picture of what the cards have to say to you in this moment.

LEO:  The Hierophant
The Hierophant asks you to think outside of the box, dear Leo.  Reflect upon if there is a new and different way to do something in your life that can cause a shift in perspective with how you have been approaching it.  The Hierophant also works with the energy of your inner mystic, and he reminds you that within your divine Self, you hold the key to your own awakening.  You just need to look within.

VIRGO:  The Hanged Man
Virgo my love, this card speaks of an energy that is rising up into your higher chakras.  With all of the emotions that are happening right now underneath the light of this Pisces Full Moon, you may feel extra empathic and clairsentient.  Because of this intuitive unfolding, you may need some extra grounding this lunar cycle, especially when you are around others.  Be sure to release any energy that you may be unintentionally taking on from others.

LIBRA:  The Moon
Take a deep breath, darling Libra.  The Moon speaks of a fear or anxiety that has been rising up for you and is causing you to hide in the shadows and not shine in your fullest light.  This card also speaks of heightened intuitive abilities, and a desire to embrace your inner wild divine feminine.  Do something liberating and freeing today - self-care is essential for you during this time.

SCORPIO:  9 of Cups
The 9 of Cups asks you to celebrate and do something FUN, dear Scorpio.  You may have been working extra hard on healing an emotional wound, or may be deep in a big project at work.  The 9 of Cups asks you to give yourself a bit of a break and to look at all of the learning, growth, and healing that you have been working with recently with a sense of accomplishment and pride.  You have been expanding and evolving - take in the energy of this moment and enjoy it!

The Son of Cups comes to you with a message from the dreamworld or the realm of your imagination, dear Sag.  If you can, write down what is unfolding for your in your dreams, dive into some guided meditations where you are using the power of your mind's eye to sink into the medicine of your unconsciousness.  

CAPRICORN;  Daughter of Pentacles
Darling Capricorn, the Daughter of Pentacles comes to you with an innate sense of curiosity and awe of both the material and the spiritual world.  She asks you to find gratitude for the abundance you have manifested in your life - especially if you have been focusing on what is lacking lately.  She also hints that you are about to dive into a new stage of spiritual growth, or that a new career opportunity is approaching.  This card signifies that now is a good time to make action plans towards accomplishing your goals so that you may usher them into your reality.

AQUARIUS:  The Hermit
Ah, the Hermit!  He speaks of Pratyahara (say what?? Read this to learn more) and the fact that you may be entering a time of being a bit of a recluse in this moment and removing yourself from what no longer serves you in the name of your spirit and its desire for expansion.  The Hermit reminds you that you are your own teacher, you are your own guiding light, you are an expression of the divine.  What do you need to do during this lunar cycle to really feel that as your truth?

PISCES:  9 of Pentacles
Hello dear Pisces!  You may be really feeling today's powerful energies as the Full Moon is shining down upon us in your sign.  The 9 of Pentacles is a wonderful card to have come up for you during this transformational time, as it works with the energies of gratitude and gathering in the harvest of all of your spiritual work (with the perfect timing of the equinox that is approaching!).  How can you celebrate the success of what you have created within your own life?  How can you look back on both the trials and the happy moments in your life and see how they have led you to evolve into the being who you are today?  

ARIES:  Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords comes forward for you with the energy of new beginnings + ideas, Aries love.  This is a potent time for meditation, as through this reflection and introspection, you will find a clarity of  mind that will allow your unique brilliance to come forward with ease.  Use the wisdom that comes forward to you during this lunar cycle to help you to slash through any thoughts or false notions that are holding you back and no longer serving you on your path.  Unite your mental sharpness right now with the emotional energy that is swimming in the air with this Pisces Full Moon, and you will be able to uncover some healing and release of illusion in your heart space as well.

TAURUS:  2 of Wands
The 2 of Wands embodies an essence of success, darling Taurus, and suggests that you have something to celebrate - something in regards to one of your passions, something that totally lights you up.  You may be totally disregarding these achievements as being "nothing," especially if there is a large goal that you are still working towards - but this card points you in the direction of honouring yourself, your hard work, and your inner fire that is moving you forward.

GEMINI:  Son of Swords
Ah, my fellow Gemini, the Son of Swords ushers in an energy of intense mental focus for you right now.  There may be a goal that you are working on accomplishing, and this card shows that you are doing everything in your power to accomplish it.  Intuitively, this card asks you to dive into the mental realm - are there ideas about yourself and your abilities that are holding you back?  Are there any mental constructs that you have built for yourself that you need to tear down and make anew?  Use the heaps of energy that you have been cultivating within yourself to overcome these mental obstacles.    

CANCER:  7 of Pentacles
The 7 of Pentacles signifies a rising up within the spiritual + career realm that is happening for you, dear Cancer.  You have been surrounding yourself with meaningful work, and putting all of your efforts into the cause.  Can you sit back and look at the seeds you have planted, and see how they are sprouting up out of your intentions?  What can you do to continue to water these lush plants, while also knowing that you don't  need to work so hard any more.  The harvest will still come forward for you if you give yourself some space to breathe, love.  Find a balance between work and self care this lunar cycle, while continuing to celebrate what you have grown.

Year End Tarot Readings


I have space for ONE year-end tarot and oracle readings for your business or personal life.

In this special reading, you will become clear and focused on what is unfolding for you in the remaining months of 2016.  As I dive into your energy and the essence of your intake form, I will pull 3 tarot cards + 1 oracle card to speak wisdom to you about each remaining month of the year.  

Let me help you get crystal-clear on the next 3 months so you can wrap up 2016 in a way that honors your intentions for the year.  Allow the tarot + oracle to give you the nudge you need to shift, to make a change, to get where you want to be.

What makes this Year-End Reading special?  I will give you month-by-month guidance for the remainder of the year that you can look back on again and again as the year comes to a close.  My intention for this reading is that you will look at it on the first of each remaining month of 2016, armed with the wisdom of what actions you need to take to move forward on your path. 

Upon ordering using the link below, I will send you:
1.  An intake form (which is valuable in and of itself because it helps you to get crystal clear on your goals).
2.  One week later, you will receive your personalized PDF with insights for each remaining month of 2016 (September, October, November, and December, 3 tarot and 1 oracle cards per month).  
3.  You will also receive a card for the year 2017.


Elle's reading is a powerful tool to support you in staying the course to your vision. There are moments we doubt our path or feel life is too good to stay constant. Elle uncovers the lessons we are to learn while providing a grounded and safe place to explore the year with curiosity. I trust Elle’s insights and I am so grateful to have her as part of my spiritual team. Her guidance is powerful and worth the investment. 

Sora Surya No

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