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Create Sacred Space in 2017 with this FREE Series

Dear Magic Maker,

We have fully arrived in 2017! 

I have spent the past week in a mini-retreat of sorts, stepping back from work as much as possible so that I could fully dwell in a space of rest during the in-between time of the holy days. 

I emerged from this rest today feeling fully refreshed, energized, and full of powerful activations and downloads as I walk forward into 2017.

I have three very exciting things to share with you today, my dear one.

First: a call to mystics...magic makers...spirited seekers...cosmic sisters and light workers...

If you are looking to amplify your experience of all things sacred through ceremony, ritual, and deep journey work, Enter the Temple - A FREE Ceremonial Gathering - is beginning on January 9th to ring in the new year with intention. 

Each day of the gathering, you will meet a different sacred space holder who will guide you on a different daily cosmic experience in a pre-recorded video.

The gathering will culminate with a LIVE gathering, Through the Eyes of the High Priestess, hosted by Elle North.

If you are looking to explore your inner mysteries...
Carve out time for self care and spirit work...
Look at the world through the eyes of the Goddess...
Dwell in the sacred temple that is within you...


Second, I have created a playlist full of inspirational songs for you to play within your own sacred space.  

I have gathered these songs together with the intention of invoking a sense of passion, awe, and activation for the divine journey that lies ahead of us in Enter the Temple. 

Whether you join us in the temple space, or dwell within your own sacred temple on your own, I desire to share the gift of song with you.


Third, while I was sitting in ceremony this weekend, I came upon my words for 2017.

They came to me like rays of opalescent light, direct downloads into my third eye. My words for the year are:


These words came to me as a message in the form of a gentle command: 

"Expand, Queen of Radiant Inner Divinity.

When I heard this and wrote these words down in my journal, I realized that these sacred whispers carried within them my words for the upcoming year.

I'd love to know, my sister - what words will you be working with in 2017? Click reply to share with me - I'd love to energetically celebrate the energies that you will be calling in for the upcoming year.

With love and deep devotion,

xo Elle

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