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5 of the best things I shifted in my business in 2017

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As we are approaching the end of the year, dear one, I have been spending a lot of time thinking in retrospect about 2017, and visioning forward for all that I hope will unfold within 2018.

As I have sat in reflection of this past year, I have noticed just how much my business changed. 

I am celebrating that as I hold space for my work in this current moment, it feels like it truly allows for me to show up in a way that honors *all* of me. I have found such clarity around the exact type of work that I am here to do, and I have been exploring how I can be of best service in a way that truly supports those who are in my community (like you!).

Within my reflection, I keep coming back to 5 things that I shifted or added into my business that have had a monumental impact on my work.


This year, you may have noticed that my emails have looked a little bit different than how they used to. That is because, with great delight, I switched from Mailchimp to Convertkit for my newsletter service.

How has this supported my work? For me, Convertkit makes it super easy to organize things like multiple course lists and multiple freebies/opt-in gifts. It was becoming cumbersome to organize all of that on Mailchimp. Instead of multiple lists, Convertkit has one singular list and uses a tagging system to help you get to know your community better. This means that you don't get charged for duplicate subscribers!

I have also noticed that the more simple email style of Convertkit has boosted the deliverability of my emails. 

A few of my other favorite features of Convertkit are how easy it is to set up email sequences/funnels and also something called link triggers, which essentially means that I am able to see who is interested in a particular offering and can target my emails to them instead of emailing/overwhelming my whole list.

Note that my link here to Convertkit is an affiliate link. I am only an affiliate for a couple of programs and only am an affiliate for programs that I whole-heartedly recommend. You'll be able to test out Convertkit with a free 2-week trial.


For 3 years of running my online business I did *everything* myself. Truth be told, it wasn't something that was in my budget for the first few years of Drawing Within. 

However, one thing that I really wanted to shift in 2017 was how I managed my time. That's where my Online Business Manager, Ava, came into play. Back in December of 2016, Ava supported me in organizing my calendar and time blocks for different tasks, from meeting with 1:1 mentoring clients to graphic design to preparing for my group courses. Ava really understood my business and goals, and I absolutely loved having my schedule all set up and organised. It was revolutionary to know how much time I should be spending on each aspect of my work. 

I enjoyed working with Ava so much that I hired her on as my Business Manger in January of this year, and couldn't be happier with how her presence has helped me to feel truly grounded, supported, and nourished within my work. I'd say that's one of the biggest things to look for in a business manager!

With Ava's support, I am able to spend more time on what fully lights me up - creating for and interacting with my community.

Are you thinking of hiring an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant? I recommend asking for suggestions on your Facebook page - chances are, you already know someone who does this work, or perhaps a friend of a friend. Having someone who understands you the work that you do is key, so I recommend working with someone who shares the same interests as you. If it doesn't feel like it's a part of your budget at this time, you may wish to see if someone is open to doing a full or partial trade with you.


While I've done a bit of donating to different charities and organisations in the past, I made giving to causes that I believe in a steady part of my business model in 2017. This is one of the ways that I am committed to taking a stand for causes that are important to me and for creating a positive impact in a way that just my work alone cannot do.

I tend to focus on supporting environmentalism, social justice + racial equality, and under-represented genders in learning technology + programming skills.

Do you think that this is something you'd like to add to your business model in the upcoming year?  Charity Navigator is a great place to find charities that match your personal area of activism. Some of my favorites are:  NRDCACLU, + Black Girls Code.


In addition to bringing in an Online Business Manager, another way that I nourished the foundation of my business was by participating in a Mastermind co-led by Sora Surya No + Tiffany Scott. 

Having the support of Sora and Tiffany and the rest of the entrepreneurs in this group was really significant in creating positive shifts within my business, and it has been so valuable to have a group of fellow business-owners cheering me on and supporting me as I have navigated through this year. 

For me, going on 2 retreats with my Mastermind group has really helped me to get a totally different perspective on my work and has set me into a state of forward moving momentum with creating a business that feels like it grows with me and is here to nourish me - not only financially, but also energetically, emotionally, and mentally.

Do you think that you're ready for a Mastermind in 2018? I recommend taking some time to brainstorm the support system you'd like to have and the areas of growth you hope to have come forward for you. Then, as you are scoping out Masterminds, ask the space holders if you can connect with them on a Discovery Call. In this way, you can discover if their program matches your own personal expectations and desires.


This shift and point of focus within my business was greatly supported by Sora within the above mastermind, so I have immense gratitude to her for the way that this has nourished my work.

Within the realm of my design work, I started out with an incredibly focused niche - I design exclusively for spirited entrepreneurs who desire visual support that matches the energetics of their work. 

But for Drawing Within...I noticed that not having an area of focus and serving a wide community was actually stretching me too thin. While I don't believe that *everyone* necessarily *needs* a niche, I know that for me narrowing my focus to supporting a community of entrepreneurs actually expanded my business and helped me to show up as a leader in a way that really aligned with what lights me up.

In turn, this clarity has really created space, ease, and flow within my work. I am so happy to be here in this way!

Before I sign off...

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