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Expand your Intuitive Knowing with Indigo Insight, a FREE Third Eye Activation Series

Dear one,

Last year I created Indigo Insight, a FREE series designed to cultivate a deeper connection to your Intuitive Self. This series was all about activating your Third Eye Chakra so that your intuition could talk loud and clear.

And HOLY WOW. There were so many potent downloads, realisations, and insights that came forth for the participants.  

When I was thinking about wanting a gift to my community, this program popped back into my mind - I knew I had to run this program again.  

My love, I am so delighted to invite you into this year's incarnation of Indigo Insight!

While some aspects of Indigo Insight will be similar to last year, for the most part the content will be completely transformed and even more interactive. This will be a luscious opportunity for you to deepen your connection with your inner intuitive wisdom.

If you resonate with enhancing your connection with your Third Eye chakra through mantra, mudra, and intuitive activities last year ... or if those techniques are totally new to you but pique your interest... you're going to absolutely love this year's free program!  


  • Become more aware of the energy in your Third Eye Chakra
  • Feel a stronger connection to your intuitive self
  • Sense a deeper awareness of your intuition
  • Learn new spiritual practices
  • Be surrounded and supported by a group of spirited individuals who are participating in this challenge with you
  • Be invited to a LIVE training where I show you how I use my favorite intuitive tools


You'll receive the first email on April 10th!


To be entered in to win the prizes:

  • take a photograph of yourself participating in the challenge in some way daily. 
  • post this photograph on either Facebook or Instagram. 
  • you need to BOTH use the tag #indigoinsight AND tag me (on facebook, tag Drawing Within; on IG, tag @shedrawswithin)

There will be three prizes given out in this challenge:

  1. The Grand Prize recipient will be gifted a spot in The Wisdom Within School of Intuition, which starts on May 4th (a $777 value)
  2. One participant will be gifted a spot in my newly re-modeled The Tarot Within, an on-going course (a $97 value)
  3. Another participant will be gifted ALIGNED, my crystal mediation album (a $25 value)

(a love note: prizes are not exchangeable for other items or for their cash value. Prizes can be transferred to another person if you feel like it is not right for you, but you may not pick another prize if that is the case)



I am so looking forward to having you join us in this year's Indigo Insight. Feel free to reply if you have any questions around this free series.

xoxo, Elle


Over the past month, I have received such touching, beautiful, and meaningful feedback on my Letters to my Younger Mystic Self Series. If you haven't yet had a chance to read through those letters, click here to read through the whole series.

Little snippets of what others are saying:

"I've started reading your letters and it's like looking in a mirror! I am so enjoying receiving your emails, you feel like a kindred spirit to me!"

"I just wanted to tell you how deeply each of your letters touch my soul. I often feel like you are talking to my younger self, leading the way..."

"Oh my how you were so very similar to me as a child. Your first letter especially resonated with me. I could never put those things into words and you did it so gracefully."

"YES! This is what it means to me to be a mystic."


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