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Did you know that Mecury Retrograde can actually enhance your Intuitive Connection?

Dear one,

I have some good news - Mercury Retrograde begins on Saturday, April 9th, and will be in a pattern of retrograde until May 3rd.

You read correctly...this is actually is good news...if you want it to be.

I am a firm believer in harnessing the power of Mercury Retrogradeand allowing this time to be a friend instead of a foe.

You see, I have a bit of a thing with Mercury. As the ruling planet of BOTH Virgo and Gemini, it is all over my path. I have Gemini as my sun sign, and Virgo is both my moon sign and my rising sign. What's more is that in my birth chart, my Mercury is in the sign of Gemini!

Once I saw this clarity within my chart, I knew that I needed to become fast friends with this planet and all of the ways that it can influence us - both when it is in retrograde and direct. 

One thing I realized is that as the ruler of communications, that working with this planet plays a role in recognising when your intuition is trying to speak to you.

If you aren't familiar with the qualities of the planet Mercury, let me fill you in. Mercury (aka Hermes to the Greeks) is a messenger God - often shown with wings on his shoes and helmet, flying through the skies to deliver communications. He is also the patron god of commerce - you can see the similarity between the word Mercury and Merchant.  

What many don't know is that Mercury is also considered to be the patron god of divination and intuition communication as well. To get specific, he especially governs over claircognizance, a type of intuitive knowing that comes from the mind-space {although one could say that Mercury desires to help deliver any intuitive message}. 

You might be thinking "oh no! If communications are wonky during Mercury Retrograde...won't it be extra hard to hear my intuition speaking to me?"

This isn't necessarily the case...and actually quite the opposite can be true.

If you've read through my blog post that highlights the 5 ways I make the most of Mercury know one of the key benefits of Mercury Retrograde is that it actually creates a fertile ground for reflection and introspection...which in and of itself helps us to access our intuitive wisdom that is inherently waiting to be discovered.

It's also said that Mercury is a planet that when moving direct can be very mathematical, scientific, and literal. So when it is in Retrograde, the opposite is true - it inspires us to be intuitive, creative, and to read between the lines.

So while Mercury Retrograde may try to meddle with the conversations you have with others...with your emails, text messages, and FB posts...

It's also a time to harness your inherent intuitive power.

Let me pause here to say: I truly believe that we are ALL intuitive. It's just a matter of learning how your intuition speaks to you and then from there it's all about practice, trust, and play.

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