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New Moon Tarot Reading for your Sign

The energy is potent right now - can you feel it? 

With the presence of yesterday's New Moon in Leo, I felt called to dive into sharing with you a tarot reading for your sun sign. I so love combining my love for the Tarot with my curiosity and intrigue of astrology in this way.

While I have written these readings with entrepreneurs in mind, I invite you to explore what card came up for your sign even if you do not own your own business.

You may also wish to explore the card that came up for your rising sign or your moon sign as well. You'll see what card came up for you below.

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Aries - Three of Wands:: This is a time when you are connected to your inner spark and passions, dear Aries, as both the suit of Wands and the sign of Leo correspond to the element of fire. Channel your passions and what lights you up into a new creation, offering, or series...or allow your inner light to be felt by others through tweaking your website copy or sharing this piece of you in a Facebook post. You may also wish to reflect upon your past achievements and see how these can inspire what is to come next on your journey.

Taurus - Queen of Swords:: During this new moon cycle, the Queen of Swords asks you to release yourself from any past stories that no longer serve you - but also to remember the wisdom that you have gained from your past experiences. It's time to be sovereign within your work - it's time to trust your inner wisdom and to use your voice with confidence and strength. You may wish to be inspired by myths with warrior goddesses, such as Athena, Durga, or Freya, to harness your inner strength and determination within your work.

Gemini - Page of Pentacles:: Fellow Gemini, the Page of Pentacles asks you to approach both grounding practices and your own definition of abundance with a sense of curiosity and wonder. How can you connect to a new grounding practice this lunar cycle to help you to feel fully present within your community and your work? What new definitions of abundance can you invite into your consciousness? I invite you to feel into bringing the sacred into anything that may feel "mundane" in your business - from looking at your financial spread sheet to creating PDFs for a course - how can you infuse your work with ritual and magic?

Cancer - Three of Pentacles:: This is a time to show up as both teacher and student. You may wish to explore areas of professional development within your work, where either you learn a totally new skill or add a new level of experience to a skill that you work with daily. This card is also a call to step into the role of leader within your work. This may be a lovely time to create a how-to series for your blog or newsletter, or to share a few tips on a topic on a Facebook live. This card also points to collaboration - is there someone you can work together with in a new offering where your two unique approaches will combine to form a beautiful alchemy that will really serve both of your communities?

Leo - Ace of Cups:: The Ace of Cups speaks to you of new creative opportunities within your work, dear Leo. This is the perfect time to think outside the box and come up with totally new ways of doing things. That may mean that you dive into creation mode with a new offering, re-design your website, or take a week long sabbatical to explore a new art form (it is your birthday month after all!). Ace of Cups also points to a positive new emotional chapter of healing within your heart space. You may wish to explore the story of Mary Magdalene (especially as her connection with the holy grail mirrors the chalice within the Ace of Cups) and see if there is wisdom there for you. Her feast day was this past Saturday, so you will find an abundance of articles around her that were written recently.

Virgo - The Devil:: Dear Virgo, this card is a call to look at the energy behind your desires and goals. Explore if you can reconnect to your passions within your work and your love of supporting others within the work that you do. When you are successful within your work, look at how your success can in turn help others. Does that mean that you are able to donate a portion of your income to a charity, offer a partial scholarship to a client, or invest in your self or your business in some way? Can you also look at how your desires can guide you forward towards spiritual expansion - and also towards what needs to shift within how you are running your business to create a sense of amplified happiness within your work?

Libra - The Ten of Pentacles:: The 10 of Pentacles is a call to witness the magic around you. What can you celebrate about your work so far this year? What accomplishments have come forward for you? What action steps have you taken? What have you learned about yourself, your passion, and your clients? Take time reflect around these moments and also to look forward and vision around what accomplishments you would like to see unfold within the remaining months of 2017. Amongst the work, can you create space for yourself, and also for spending quality time with friends and family? Allow yourself to celebrate with self care, and to share your victories with those who are close to you.

Scorpio - The Emperor:: This card asks you: How can you best serve your community in this moment? What does your audience need most? This may be a great time to send out a 3-5 question survey to ask your clients what you can create for them, so that you can offer them the best support possible in the coming months. This is also a wonderful time to look at your own boundaries and notice where you may need a bit of extra fortification and stability. Remember - when you have solid boundaries in place, you can fully show up in service of your audience and also fully show up in service of yourself. 

Sagittarius - Six of Cups:: The Six invokes an energy of childlike play and curiosity.  How can you invite more play and fun into your work day? Maybe you create a playlist that makes you want to dance and play it while you respond to emails, singing and dancing along to the tunes. Perhaps you take a break in the middle of your day to play in the park. In addition, this card points to finding a balance of giving and receiving within your work. Where can you create the space to receive? Perhaps you ask a few clients for testimonials to place on your website, or to take photos of products they have purchased from you to use on social media. Also, create the time for yourself to receive - this is a good excuse to schedule an acupuncture appointment or head to your favorite yoga class this week.

Capricorn - Nine of Cups:: This card reminds you to nourish yourself and to celebrate. On a practical level, it reminds me of the importance of carving out time to actually take a lunch break and to savour each bite of our mid-day meal. On a symbolic level, this card is filled with an essence of contentment and satisfaction - of being in a place where everything feels in place and in alignment. If you're not feeling like that is your reality in this moment, what can you shift in order to get to that place?  The Cups remind us of the importance of reflection and our emotions when looking to solve a problem - perhaps look there first when exploring how to feel the presence of accomplishment within your current situation.

Aquarius - The Moon:: Such a perfect card on this New Moon, dear Aquarius! The Moon asks you to do two things during this cycle. First, trust your intuition. Carve out time to meditate, journal, and to tune into the knowings of your heart space. Allow your intuition to lead you forward within your work. Second, this card reminds you to do what needs doing to release any fears or anxieties that may rise up for you. What shadow work can you explore this lunar cycle in order to clear out any emotions or thoughts that do not serve you? Can you allow this moon to be a portal of transformation?

Pisces - The Hermit:: It's time to find a balance between shining your light and retreating into the mystic's cave, dear Pisces! Take some time to feel into which end of the spectrum you are embodying within your work in this moment - are you hiding, or are you putting yourself out there so much that it's getting exhausting? From this place, give yourself a moment to find that place of balance. Allow yourself to shine, and allow yourself to rest. Know that you can create the space for both within your work. Also, allow yourself to nourish the mystic within you this lunar cycle. Meditate, practice breath work, connect with nature - do what ever reminds you of the presence of the divine within your life and your work.

Sending you New Moon Blessings, dear one.

xo, Elle

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