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What is the difference between the Major + Minor Arcana in the Tarot?

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Diving into the Tarot can definitely be a bit daunting if you are just starting to explore this mystical sacred tool.

I feel like a part of that may be because of some of the vocabulary that is used to classify and categorise the 78 cards that you'll find your Tarot deck.

Today I'm going to explore some of those words with you so that you can begin your Tarot journey from a place that is grounded in clarity.

Major Arcana + Minor Arcana
One of the questions I get asked often about the Tarot is "What is the difference between the Major and Minor Arcana?"

Here's how I see it:
The Major Arcana is a journey that begins with The Fool (card 0) and ends with The World (card 21)...and then is said to begin again, as though you were turning another arch of a spiral.  The cards of the Major Arcana connect to each other and build upon each other - but at the same time, each card can stand alone in an archetypal way.

The cards of the Major Arcana aren't titled by their number (unlike the Minor Arcana, where you will find, for example, the 3 of Pentacles) and the titles are usually words that evoke an image and energy within you, even if you have never studied the Tarot before.  For example, you're probably familiar with words like "Emperor" "Star" "Tower" and "High Priestess" - all of which are cards within the Major Arcana.

I see the Major Arcana as being liked a zoomed out picture, with cosmic layers of symbolism and meaning, whereas the Minor Arcana is a bit more zoomed in, specific, and grounded within your day to day life.  It is for this reason that I connect the Major Arcana to the element of spirit/ether/the cosmos.

The Suits
The Minor Arcana is a group of cards that is actually split up into another Tarot Vocabulary Word - Suits.  

The 4 suits of the Tarot are the Wands, the Cups, the Swords, and the Pentacles.  

The cards within the Minor Arcana are a little bit more difficult than the Major Arcana to grasp just by hearing their name - for example, "the 5 of Cups" may seem a little bit unclear.  One thing that I share with those who are just starting out with the Tarot is to feel into the elemental connection of each suit.

You may see variations of this, but within my personal practice, I connect:
The Pentacles with Earth
The Swords with Air
The Wands with Fire
The Cups with Water

From that place, you can feel into the qualities of each element.  For example, to me a lot of the Wands cards are quite fiery - they are full of spark, passion, illumination, and heated activation.

Within this set up, you can say that the Pentacles and Cups are "yin" suits, meaning they are more introspective, and the Wands and Swords are more "yang" suits, meaning they are more action-oriented.

I also recommend allowing your intuition to unfold a story within the imagery of each card within your deck to bring forth the wisdom that each card holds.

The Court Cards
The Court Cards are another categorisation within the Minor Arcana.  In each of the four suits, the Court Cards are the Page, the Knight, the Queen, and the King of that suit.  For example, the Queen of Pentacles is a court card within the suit of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana.  That's a lot of Tarot Vocabulary words within one sentence!

Root In:
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