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Diving into the Waters of Reflection


Hello dear one,

I've been thinking a lot lately about the element of Water.

I've been thinking about the Water of those who came before me. The Water within my blood. The way their impression is in my spit, raw and hydrating at the same time. {Gratitude to Marybeth Bonfiglio for supporting an exploration of my lineage}

The way that not everyone has access to clean and potable drinking Water to nourish their bodies.

The way that Water cycles - it gathers in puddles, in streams and lakes and oceans and seas. It moves. It ebbs and flows, evaporates and gathers in the puffs of clouds, and then pours down upon us in gentle sprinkles or in sudden torrents.

The way that Water flows forward when it has found its way to rivers and streams, the way it makes rough stones smooth with its caresses, the way that it winds itself around any obstacle in its path to get to its intended destination.

The way that Water informs a landscape, offers sustenance to the environment, the way that Water was named by those who first found those Waters and the way that the names change as settlers mark their territory.

The way that on a molecular level, Water is sticky - it seeks connection, it desires to bond, it is looking for company. 

The openness in which water invites us to dive in - to not just to gaze at our reflection on the surface but to dive deep.  To explore its mysteries.

The way that this Earth is mostly Water, the way that humans are mostly Water, the way that our food is comprised of Water.

Water is pretty friggin' amazing. And ever-present. And precious.

I've been in this place of deep reflection, daydreaming, visioning, and heart-connection lately. I've been working with pouring the element of Water into the mix, allowing the Earth to serve as a supportive vessel through which Water can flow or be held, with open-hearted love. I’ve been especially in communion with Water by working with the Suit of Cups in the Tarot. 

(warning: lots of intended water puns ahead)

Much of the deep dives that I’ve been journeying through with water pour back and forth between my personal spiritual practice and the work that I do, and I’m noticing the way that water supports me not only in reflection, but in accessing my creative flow as well.

One of the reasons why I love the Tarot so much is that it offers so much insight, support, and clarity for me within both my personal practice and also in the work that I do.

As I’ve been in this place since Samhain (here in the northern hemisphere) last year, I’ve noticed so many insights, connections, and components of awareness have come forward from working with the Suit of Cups. I have found the wisdom of these cards in particular to serve as portals into reflection within my work. And the way that it offers inherent opportunity and support for expansion. 

The suit of Cups asks us to drink in our own wisdom and to pour our hearts into our work. It is from this place that we create our magic.

As a creative entrepreneur (and I feel like most entrepreneurs are inherently creatives!), the suit of Cups is sweet elixir for my energetic system and for the work that I do.

You see, the suit of Cups is known for being connected to reflection, the heartspace, intuition, creativity, nourishment, and being in a place of flow with the work that we do. I’ve also been having a lot of fun with noticing how other elements inform and support the element of Water. I mentioned earlier the Earth (much like a Cup itself) can show up to embrace Water. Additionally, the element of Fire reminds me of the passion and momentum that can be found in Water, and when we invite the element of Air into Water, we can witness our creative expression coming forth through our voice and mindspace.

In this way, as entrepreneurs, we can draw the essence of Water found in the Suit of Cups into the chalice of our work...and remain elementally balanced at the same time.

As we nourish ourselves with this elements, we can pour our whole hearts into the work that we do.

That is why I have created Vessels of Vision: An Intuitive Exploration of the Suit of Cups within your Business

I invite you to join me on a journey through each card within the suit of Cups...guided by inquiry, reflection, and action.

In this series, you will receive emails on this Suit with:


  • Informative videos, each exploring a specific card within the suit of Cups 
  • A reflection question so that you can dive into communion with each card and weave the wisdom you receive into your business


I’ve been working in a focused way with supporting entrepreneurs in learning design skills and techniques to inform creating offerings for their work. In this option, we’ll be pairing Cups with Canva, a online design program. You’ll receive the above, plus a daily tutorial on an element of Canva.

*I am in no way affiliated with Canva nor do they endorse this course in anyway. My goal for those who enroll in that option is to support a sense of fluency and fluidity within a basic design program to empower individuals within their online work.

A portion of your tuition will be donated to
Charity:Water and the Flint Water Fund

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