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Celebrating the mystical and the technical

create your own site in Squarespace

When I designed my first website in 1997 or worked with my very own first tarot deck in 2006 - I never would have guessed that these two passions of mine would have intersected in the way that they do today.

Creating a personal website was my first art form. A couple of years after I created my first website, I designed my first "professional" website - it was geared towards educating people about environmental issues. I set up a super low-tech newsletter (there was no Mailchimp then!), and I was delighted when my website was used for an educational program at a university in California.

That experience showed me the potential of digital design, marketing, + images - and the reach that your work can have when it is in virtual form.

In college I started working with other forms of art - poetry, painting, and photography. I designed a portfolio for myself using HTML entirely in notepad - which was so fun and rewarding for me. The experience of coding in that way felt just as magical as moving paint around on canvas - it lit me up. 

In college I also started exploring spirituality and my intuition in a more focused way. I was drawn to work with the Tarot with the deepest sense of inner attraction. As I met the archetype within each card, it felt like meeting a new friend - and also, meeting a different part of myself. 
Now, with my work, I feel as though all of my passions: creativity, teaching, and spirituality combine in the perfect way here. It delights me that these components of myself can play together to fully.

Ultimately, I believe that the essence of your business should be reflected in the visual imprint of your online home.

Design and clarity leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

When I combine my eye for design with my intuition, a certain sort of alchemy happens. Your brand's energy transforms, and your audience is able to ground into your important work. 

I have officially opened the doors for Squarespace Sovereignty - a journey towards creating your own website with confidence with heaps of support and mentoring from me. See my Instagram stories highlights to learn more - we begin online in Aug. or join me live in PDX in Nov.!

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