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A vision as we approach Winter Solstice


I’m writing this to you with a handful of tiny strings of inspiration, tying in from various corners of my world. I hope you’ll follow the thread, and that you find something here for you.

Yesterday was St. Lucy’s Day, the Sicilian patron saint of eyes. Formerly, this was also the day that marked the Winter Solstice during the times of the Julian Calendar.

St. Lucy has been tapping on my shoulder of awareness since I was a teenager, but this year I’m thinking of her in an especially strong way. It was 1 year ago on her day that I discovered I would need to have a set of surgeries on my eyes. As I’m emerging from the second round of these eye procedures, I’m thinking of her - her vision, her passion, her light, her unwavering values, and her symbolism at this turning point in the Wheel of the Year.

There’s something that has always mystified and excited me about the length of night during this time of year. The darkness kind of feels like a potent mystic cave space, where the mystery of the unknown and infinite possibility dwells. It’s a bit easier to feel the space in between during this time - at the turning point of the year, at the turning point of dark and light.

While the harvest is complete, the soil is resting, regenerating, making magic underground. This makes me think of Persephone in the underworld, eating the pomegranate seeds, in the darkness, becoming her Self. This is a time of deep release of what no longer serves our vision so that we may create space for what is to come.

I’ve been sitting in reflection with three particular Tarot cards in a deep way over the past few months - The World, The Wheel of Fortune, and the Mother of Wands. They’ve supported me in visioning the second half of this year, and they’re still speaking to me as I look ahead into 2019. Perhaps they hold something for you, too.

When you explore these three cards in the Wild Unknown deck, you can see them as almost holographic portals of one another - these cosmic all-seeing eyes witnessing cycles with gleams of light sparkling through their irises.

With the Wheel of Fortune and The World, they’re almost like the entry (and maybe re-entry) points of a worm hole, supporting you as you navigate the last half of the Major Arcana.

The Mother of Wands is perhaps on a different plane, but we can see her as holding one of those wands/branches that makes up the Wheel of Fortune, circling around her eggs, her world, her passion, her mission.

Individually, the Mother of Wands allows her passion to lead the way. She is clear, sovereign, sensual, and has this energetic luminosity to her. Sometimes she reminds me of the phoenix, cycling through burning it all down and then rising up from the ashes, totally transformed. Other times, she feels like a protectress, closely guarding her vision and mission in this world as she does everything in her power to make those dreams unfold into reality. She is the warmth of a hearth fire, the confidence of a lion, the support of a temple pillar.  Geeky side-note, with her snake and guard-cat friends, she reminds me of this ancient Minoan Snake Goddess statue

The Wheel of Fortune is like a cosmic orb spinning in the sky. Is the spinning controlled by Fortuna, by you, or by a combination of the two? That’s the question for me in this card - how to balance fully showing up, taking clear and focused action...but also at the same time, understanding that sometimes, life just happens. There’s a quest in this archetype to gracefully hold intentions and also go with the flow when things get turned upside down. In the Wild Unknown deck, that lovely owl watches over things.

The World holds space for the point when we are stepping into another round of our spiral-pathed journey. While this is the last card of the Major Arcana, the idea is that it’s an invitation to start the cycle again, going back to The Fool to take our past experience and learn a new layer of information. With the sense of completion comes an opportunity to continue the growth process. But there is an in-between space between one phase and the next that feels especially present this time of year. The moment between the exhale and the inhale.

So when you place these archetypes together, their energy feels to me like a way to focus on how one can reign in their passions to give back to the world. To allow your inner fire to take the wheel and drive you forward towards a place where self-fulfilment and positive change intertwine and intersect. It’s a way of allowing inner transformations and moments of deep release to happen as the issues of the world become more and more illuminated, and as the wheel of the year keeps turning in time and space.

As we stand at the portal of the new year, we are in a lush time to find the grounded clarity to…

…identify the vision of your work

…translate your vision from the imaginal realm into the physical, tangible, + digital

…organize the languaging of your work’s core meaning in a fluid way

…create a container for your offerings in a way that fully supports to your community

If you are looking to hone in on the meaningful offering that you wish to create with your work and tune into the frequency of the business you are continuously crafting, there are two ways that we can work together in co-creation.

Year Ahead Tarot Readings - Let’s step into a place of potential and possibility guided by the Tarot. This offering is a lovely opportunity to explore your upcoming 6-months or year and put a solid plan in place.

Register for your session before December 31st and save $50 off your 6-month reading, or $100 off your Full Year Ahead Reading.

Additionally, between now and January 13th I will be donating my usual 10% of these readings to the ACLU with an additional 10% to the HealthWell Foundation.

Squarespace Sovereignty - Whether you’re feeling like your current website isn’t aligned with the shifts that unfolded for you in the past year or you’re starting a new website from scratch, Squarespace Sovereignty offers support in crafting your own website in a way that is fully supported, yet fully directed by the vision you hold for your online space. We begin in mid-January so that your website can launch at the end of March. This will be the fourth round of this offering, and it’s been a bit re-structured to offer even more support and ways of engagement.

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Singing the story of the work you do through imagery

I am writing to you surrounded by what I like to call an “inspired mess” on my desk -

tarot decks, scraps of paper with doodles and notes, a few open notebooks, some of my favorite crystal companions, and a freshly finished cup of tea.

The reason this mess doesn’t bother me but yet inspires me is because I am currently wrapping up one of my favorite components to the Imbolc round of Squarespace Sovereignty - logo creation!

I see the logo design journey as a true co-creation - a delightful intuitive play between the entrepreneur I am lucky enough to be working with and myself.

Here's a sneak-peak of a couple of logos that have been completed already...

When I design a logo for an individual or a brand, my intention is to have the image serve as something that matches the essence of the work that my client does. In this way, a logo {and the remaining branding that corresponds to it} sings the song that matches the pitch, frequency, and melody of the work that my clients do. It's definitely an energetic connection.

During this process, one of the things that I explore with my clients is the personal symbols that they hold dear to themselves.

For example, my clients my be drawn to a particular geometric shape, color palette, plant, crystal pattern, element, animal, or phase of the moon.

One of the magical things that has happened over the years is that my clients (including myself!) have actually had their logos tattooed onto their skin! Like, forever! Which totally boggles my mind and feels like it really highlights and showcases just how important these visual depictions of one's work can be.

owl icon mauve 2.png

As I have been exploring the personal visual aspects of my clients' work, I got to thinking about my own logo, which I hold very dear to my heart - my little mauve owl.

Why did I choose the owl for my logo when I re-branded a couple of years ago?

Because I absolutely love owls and what they symbolize to me. Like, my heart leaps for them. They are creatures that totally fascinate me - dwelling in air and shadow, holding wisdom and intuition, supporting insight and those who are seekers of knowledge. I am inspired by how owls can see things far away in the dark so clearly, and how with this they also speak of inner sight.

In the Wild Unknown Tarot, artist Kim Krans chose the owl as the symbol for the suit of Swords, which is the suit I see myself in and learn from the most. 

For me, the Swords correspond to the element of air, and speak of the realms of the mind and voice. This suit asks us to speak wisely and in a way that honors our truth, and supports those who consider themselves to be communicators + teachers. The Swords also explores the full gamut of the mind - from anxiety to intuition, deep wisdom to the process of learning something for the first time. 

As someone with an abundance of Mercury in my chart (this planet of Swordsy communication rules my sun, moon, AND rising sign), I especially feel a kinship with the Daughter of Swords, who holds a Gemini-like curiosity and is on a never-ending quest for knowledge.

The Latin name for the Little Owl is Athene noctua, pointing to the connection between the goddess Athena, and her companion animal of the owl. The owl is also connected to Athena's Roman counterpart, Minerva. Athena, who stands for wisdom and justice, is sometimes known by the poetical name glaukopis, which means "owl-eyed" (source) - and Minerva is also described as having eyes like an owl as well. 

I have felt a kinship with Athena and Minerva since I started studying mythology and my connection to these Goddesses is something I have been turning to more deeply lately as I have been immersed in connecting to my own Mediterreanan lineage and its stories.

In working with my own personal symbology and exploring the visual essence of my brand...

and in supporting my design clients with their own visual identity...

I find more and more that when we weave in what is deeply true and meaningful to us, what is symbolic of the important work we do, what speaks to our own unique energy...that is the most lush and rich way to celebrate ourselves as we create and maintain our virtual sacred spaces online.

Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur who is stepping into the beginning stages of exploring your visual language and branding, or an established entrepreneur looking to create a shift in your visual identity - most likely, you can find the inspiration for your logo within yourself. Whether your logo is symbolic or literal - allow it to be a reflection of you.

Thank you for connecting with me here today.

P.S. If you're looking to create your own online space for the work that you do, doors are officially open for the upcoming virtual session of Squarespace Sovereignty. We begin in just about a month! I am also visioning around holding an in-person retreat for this offering in November in Portland. Contact me if you're interested in either offering and say hello! The previous two rounds of this program have reached maximum capacity pretty quickly, and I am so delighted to be offering it again!

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